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<u style="-webkit-box-shadow: none !important; ">Promotions and Demotions - Week 13<br style="-webkit-box-shadow: none !important; "></u><br><u>Member Promotions</u><br>Herpes - Member to CSS Moderator<br>The_Honey_Badger - Member to CSS Moderator<br>xBoredom - Member to MC Moderator<br><br><u>Admin Promotions</u><br>Sprinkles - CSS Moderator to CSS Administrator<br>EroSennin - CSS Administrator to CSS Division Leader<br>DrPhilly - MC Moderator to MC Administrator<br><br><u>Demotions</u><br>Excision - CSS Administrator to CSS Moderator (asked)<br>Health100 - CSS Administrator to CSS Moderator (inactive)<br>Twonkie - CSS Moderator to Member<br>Stories - CSS Moderator to Member<br><br>New positions will go live within 4 hours!<br>Alright, remember to be active on TeamSpeak (IP: voice.xenogamers.com) and the forum!
Since Mumble does not have the amount of features necessary to faciliate a clan like this, we have decided to join the crowd and switch to TeamSpeak 3!!! The IP is even easier than before! The IP is voice.xenogamers.com with no port necessary! I hope to see more people on and whoever get's the most people in TS3 tonight get's a hat pack!
Promotions and Demotions - Week 12

Member Promotions

Null Byte - Member to CSS Moderator
Ashley - Member to CSS Moderator
Serbian_Bela_Snaga - Member to CSS Moderator

Moderator Promotions
Siberian21 - CSS Moderator to CSS Administrator

Daredevil - CSS Moderator to Member
Stories - CSS Moderator to Member
Twonkie - CSS Moderator to Member

Alright my friends, remember to be active.
Promotions and Demotions - Week 11

Member Promotions
G00n Squad - Member to CSS Moderator

Member Demotions
Everyone on this list must remove their tag or face a ban. This is mainly because of your lack of interest in the clan and making the clan look bad. This is the official demotion rather than what the players may think.
Sgt. Banana

Admin Demotions
Grammar Nazi - CSS Moderator to Member
Fair_Sirs - CSS Moderator to Member

Admins should read over rules so they stop given out unfair bans.

Alright, remember to be active on the forum and Mumble!
Promotions and Demotions - Week 10

Member Promotions
Rabid_Turtle - Member to CSS Moderator
JayBreeze - Member to CSS Moderator
Twonkie - Member to CSS Moderator
Stories - Member to CSS Moderator

Admin Promotions
Doublebuttass - MC Admin to MC Division Leader

Congratulations to all who were promoted!
Remember to be active on Mumble and the forum!
Promotions and Demotions - Week 9

Member Promotions
Quarantine - Member to CSS Moderator
Doublebuttass (hero94ms) - Member to MC Moderator
Aram - Random to Juice Box Boy
Duckii Jr. - Member to CSS Moderator
Callim105 - Member to CSS Moderator

Alright, so the following people will receive Mumble admin:

Remember to stay active on the forum and Mumble!

Admin promotions will be activated by 7PM EST.
Promotions and Demotions - Week 8

Member Promotions
Otherworldly - Member to CS:S Moderator

Admin Promotions
Shikaku - CS:S Moderator to CS:S Administrator

Division Leader Promotions
Samantha - CS:S Division Leader to MC Division Leader
Excision - CS:S Administrator to TF2 Division Leader

Alright, I hope we expand and I hope this drama stops! Remember to be active on Mumble and the forum!
Alright, so the day has finally come to introduce [xG] Leadership Structure 1.0!!!
Here is how the structure will flow in the clan:

Leader [xG:L]
- When no other questions can be answered, the final say comes to these guys.
- They run everything in the clan and make sure it flows smoothly.

Co-Leader [xG:C]
- If any issues cannot be solved by a Division Manager, the decision will come to them.
- Handle Member Management, Admin aboose and much more!
- They will discuss ideas and opportunities for the clan.

Division Managers [xG:D]
- The head-admin of their respected division.
- They are in-charge of promoting and demoting admins.
- They handle the bans of their respected division.

Admins [xG:A]
- Have the most powers in the division's server other than the manager.
- Can suggest admins to the managers.
- Vote for approval / removal of a member
- Perma ban power.

Moderators [xG:M]
- Admins in training.
- They are the closest role model to a regular member.
- They have successfully completed the Admin Training Course.
- Any problems in a server will be solved by them.

Member [xG]
- A xG member is a role model to all the other players on the server.
- The voice of an xG member is more powerful that other players because you have been selected to join this awesome clan.
- You can participate in votes, give up ideas , contribute etc for the good of the clan.
- You will also have a chance to get promoted, if you are respectful, mature and trustworthy.

Alright, and now the promotions and demotions for this week!

Member Promotions
Fair_Sirs - Member to CSS Moderator
Ssully101 - Member to CSS Moderator
Arthman - Member to CSS Moderator

Admin Promotions
Health100 - CSS Moderator to CSS Administrator
Aegean - CSS Moderator to CSS Administrator

Division Manager Promotions
Edison Glass - Minecraft
Health100 - Minecraft
Llama - Team Fortress 2
Samantha - Counter-Strike: Source
Silence - Counter-Strike: Source

Leadership Promotions
Silence - Leader
Llama - Leader
Duckii - Co-Leader
Ero_Sennin - Co-Leader

Nivek_Relyk - He left the clan, no idea why he still has admin.

Edison Glass - CSS Moderator (Talk to Samantha for more info.)

Alright guys, lets hope this makes our clan the best in the world!

Remember, be active on the forum and Mumble to get promoted!
Promotions and Demotions - Week 1

Health100 - AdmL3 to Adm L2
DareDevil - AdmL3 to Adm L2
Shikaku - AdmL3 to AdmL2
Codithmint - Member to Sr. Member
GoonSquad - Member to Sr. Member
xGamerMike - Member to Sr. Member
Nickname - Member to Sr. Member
MinQuan - Member to Sr. Member
_Sykotic_Angel_ - Member to Sr. Member

Duckii - AdmL1 to Adm L2
Homeland_Assassin - AdmL3 to Sr. Member
Rabid_Turtle - AdmL3 to Sr. Member
Firesniper - AdmL3 to Member
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