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    Promotions and Demotions #229

    Promotions CS:GO @Jadow from Division Manager to Division Leader @Bonk from Division Manager to Division Leader @Topaz from Administrator to Division Manager Minecraft @Thorax from Moderator to Administrator @Chrono from Moderator to Administrator Demotions Minecraft @kaoSquinty from Moderator to Member (Stepped Down) TF2 @Thorax from Administrator to Member (Stepped Down) Congratulations to those who were promoted this Promo/Demo! This is a reminder to those who have newly gained access as a Moderator to leave your STEAM IDs posted below in the comment section below to ensure the distribution of powers as soon as possible. Discord is also now a requirement to staff, make sure you're in it! We would also like to congratulate the following people as new members of xG! @DepressedNeonNepp Welcome!
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    GMod CN 8/3 - WarioWare

    happy birthday
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    Staff Applications are now open!

    MC NAME: egossi POSITION WANTED: DM WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE DIVISION TO HELP: good moderation and moderators COMMENTS: I love minecraft
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    @Jadow congrats on CM
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    Last comment wins

    This is all very good and accurate except the top right and bottom left panel
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    GMod CN 8/3 - WarioWare

    I replaced my leg with one that can rotate 360 degrees. Once I hone my ability to spin it as fast as humanly possible I will turn into a fucking helicopter and kill you
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    Initiating TF2's New Pop Events

    gentle son.mp4
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