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  1. BleedsBrother

    hi, im mel <3

    Welcome to our community
  2. BleedsBrother

    Rust + Discord, A Mini Update!

    For [Member-available] rooms, it looks like there are currently: 5x "General" rooms 4x "Community" rooms Right now it looks/seems like the community rooms are not guaranteed to be Member-available, so really there are 5 guaranteed rooms in which I can be in without having to worry about being moved/kicked out. Currently, members are occupying 9 different teamspeak channels: 3 are General/Gaming, 6 are Community. Will the number of guaranteed Member-available rooms be expanded in the future? --- Otherwise, server looks awesomely set up with rooms and permissions. Really cool. Looking forward to uninstalling teamspeak
  3. BleedsBrother

    1v1 Tournament - Round 2

    frick posting my steam id but im in
  4. BleedsBrother

    Cevo Team Information + Try Out Sign Up

    sign me up and 1v1 me rocket league STEAM_0:1:41245829 let's do this @jubens45 @Jaydow
  5. BleedsBrother


    -1 doesn't play rocket league and can't carry hard enough A: sloth M: sapling
  6. BleedsBrother


    +1 helps save big money A:8 M:10
  7. hey dude whats up
  8. BleedsBrother

    Matsi - Counter-strike

    -1 incompetent and immature
  9. BleedsBrother


    +1 baby want a baba?
  10. BleedsBrother

    Legend - Counter-strike

    -1 Never see him on the server "Applying for mod because Css is getting slightly repopulated" so you're applying because it's picking back up? "and i'm basically the only ex-member there" so.. you're not a member and you're applying for mod? shouldn't you apply for membership first? "and would like mod. I had mod before and I was ok at it." hitler was ok at holocausting "Hoping I can get moderator again. Thanks" you're welcome
  11. BleedsBrother


    Division: Rocket League In-Game Name: Grant Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41245829 Banned: No Previously in xG: No Active on Teamspeak: Yes Age: 19.41635 Further Information: I am Bleed's Brother. I am a Computer Science major. I like the maths. I pew-pew in CSGO & CSS better than Adam.
  12. BleedsBrother

    People You Miss

    @ThePenguin I miss you too
  13. BleedsBrother


    Hi whampix