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  1. For [Member-available] rooms, it looks like there are currently: 5x "General" rooms 4x "Community" rooms Right now it looks/seems like the community rooms are not guaranteed to be Member-available, so really there are 5 guaranteed rooms in which I can be in without having to worry about being moved/kicked out. Currently, members are occupying 9 different teamspeak channels: 3 are General/Gaming, 6 are Community. Will the number of guaranteed Member-available rooms be expanded in the future? --- Otherwise, server looks awesomely set up with rooms and permissions. Really cool. Looking forward to uninstalling teamspeak
  2. frick posting my steam id but im in
  3. sign me up and 1v1 me rocket league STEAM_0:1:41245829 let's do this @jubens45 @Jaydow
  4. -1 doesn't play rocket league and can't carry hard enough A: sloth M: sapling
  5. +1 helps save big money A:8 M:10
  6. hey dude whats up
  7. -1 Never see him on the server "Applying for mod because Css is getting slightly repopulated" so you're applying because it's picking back up? "and i'm basically the only ex-member there" so.. you're not a member and you're applying for mod? shouldn't you apply for membership first? "and would like mod. I had mod before and I was ok at it." hitler was ok at holocausting "Hoping I can get moderator again. Thanks" you're welcome
  8. Division: Rocket League In-Game Name: Grant Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41245829 Banned: No Previously in xG: No Active on Teamspeak: Yes Age: 19.41635 Further Information: I am Bleed's Brother. I am a Computer Science major. I like the maths. I pew-pew in CSGO & CSS better than Adam.
  9. @ThePenguin I miss you too