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  1. congralatons no nw jobb @johnGait42
  2. +1 has literally the worst internet known to man but has told me multiple times that he would apply for member when he was old enough.
  3. my wife left me and she took the kids
  4. Tatost

    Hello xG

    your language terrifies me : (
  5. is that a deep dish or did you just stack multiple pieces on top of each other?
  6. Lava Giant, Clocktown, Frantic Factory, and Aquatic Ruin are fun for me when I come on. idk if there are two different clocktown versions on TGH though, I've been hearing shit about an updated version of sorts.
  7. seg is fucking psychic we're done for guys oh shit oh fuck
  8. jadow's map is better than electric
  9. Yeah, okay, Beard Cutter.
  10. someone actually got warned for calling another guy a noob today

    @hongkongatron @bagggel @Caribou

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    2. Tekk


      Player also messaged the staff member saying he felt targetted harassed, so the staff member did something about it.

      The player then said that they didn't mind in game, so the staff member stopped.

      It's a misunderstanding and there's nothing else to it. The problem is solved, end of story.

    3. Dannypicacho


      omg im gonna say the n word


    4. Shadower


      fuckin hate these filthy noobs, they deserve what xG staff are doing to them

  11. This seemed appropriate. I'm sorry.