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    I'm sad and I need everyone to help

    Here are some pictures of @NitNat's beautiful dog: Zoey
  2. YeEternalTuna

    Ultimate Cook Book!

    Hey! Whats up gamer's! It's ya boy, YeEternalTuna here and this thread is being created in order to create the ULTIMATE COOK (thread) BOOK! So if you want to talk about a certain recipe for any sort of food item or if you just want to show off any of your creations, this is the thread! When showing off your creations I encourage you to post the steps for the item for anyone else that wants to attempt to create your item or even IMPROVE it. If you have any questions or suggestions that I should do for the thread, please either DM me on here or add me on Steam! Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/theultimatebeing/
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    +1 for unban my boy dont be a dum dum this time around mkay?
  4. penis LOL

  5. dude that's epic

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    Division Discord In-Game Name YeEternalTuna Identity Vorklen #8955 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers Since its creation Information I've seen quite a few situations where the current ''discord staff'' were a bit to slow to deal with issues with trolls (probably because they have a life and I don't) and since I'm constantly breathing down the server's neck I feel like if any problems were to arise, I would be swift to deal with them. I also enjoy helping others when they're in need of guidance whenever so theres that. Just trynna make my obsession into something useful xd please accept me daddy @virr
  7. ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ

  8. the new steam look is good

    change my mind

    1. TheSupremePatriot


      You’re clearly drunk.

    2. Kypari


      It's alright. I think people aren't used to it and are freaking out because of it. There are a few issues here and there but I don't think it's nearly as bad as people say it is.

    3. Shadower


      you have shit taste in look and probably think that the current fourms are actually good too.






























































  9. YeEternalTuna


    Unfortunately you must be 13 years of age or older in order to apply as a member. @Kypari
  10. it hurts uwu

  11. emoji's are the modern hieroglyphics

    change my mind

  12. epic

    1. TheSupremePatriot
    2. Dannypicacho



    3. bagggel





  13. YeEternalTuna

    Denied Memership

    It's said in the membership submission rules... found here. Yeah if you have any issues or concerns, you could always talk to a higher up (dm, dl, cm, cl) about any problems you're having with staff and if so please provide actual examples/evidence of the problem.
  14. toxic

  15. YeEternalTuna

    Suggestion: Toxic

    I can't tell if this is a meme poll or a legitimate one.
  16. YeEternalTuna

    Whats your favorite resturaunt?

    I could easily and safely say: Texas Roadhouse. Their staff (at least the ones where I live) give off a really friendly aura and act like people rather than just some robot who's there to take your order and give you your food n' whatnot. The food there is REALLY good. If you're into ribs then their ribs are really frickin' amazing, they're the fall-off-the bone ribs and its super juicy . The sides that you can order with your meals (if they allow for a side) are also really good; the loaded mash potatoes are one of the best mash potatoes I will ever consume and their fries are magnificent.
  17. YeEternalTuna

    surf. we doing an event

    Imo I feel like it shouldn't be allowed due to some of the things @Tatost said. A new player could join the server and think ''oh snap we can micspam/dj on this server? EPIC!!!'' and think its okay to micspam. I understand we have rules set in !motd for that but do you think anyone truly reads the !motd? Also another problem with having these ''story times'' or whatnot, is that it stops people from being able to talk on the server through voice chat. I remember seeing people get muted just because some dude wanted to do some dumb fan fiction reading or something. I think its pretty silly to mute someone who's actually trying to talk and socialize rather than allow someone to essentially micspam and have it be okay. This also ties in with what I said above; on top of new players joining, sometimes they join and don't understand what's going on and try to talk on the mic but get a warning for ''talking over people'' when they're just ignorant to the fact that they made a vote for a specific person to micspam. This creates quite the problem imo and I know its fun for you and your friends to have story time on the server but if people really want to have a true story time, they can easily just go in a discord call or something and have it there rather than disrupt the entire server. I think we should ultimately remove the ability for people to make votes like this. no more fun
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    You don't meet the ''50 forum posts'' requirement @Elcark @mrnutty12 would you please
  19. YeEternalTuna

    add the filter back to the servers?

    It was also applied to surf as well. It was short-lived and if it truly doesn't get censored then I don't see the point in having the filter.
  20. Remember: drink your water and stay hydrated gamers!!!!!

    1. Sesh


      thanks gamer, i am hydrated and ready to game!!!

    2. Tatost


      thanks, fellow gamer

  21. Your stem cells... HAND EM' OVER!!!

    1. Nyxll



    2. RussianDoggo