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  1. YeEternalTuna


    My Lord has returned! +1 a l l t h e w a y
  2. Dogs > Cats

    don't @ me

    1. Precious


      It really boils down to preference. If you want a loyal pet that requires a lot of love and attention, then dogs are better for you. If you want a chill pet that doesn't need much care and is a lot less active but still beautiful, cats are better. I personally like both.

    2. YeEternalTuna


      Yeah you got a point 

      Dogs = Cats

  3. YeEternalTuna

    New rule

    I don't think we should change the rule but if he was shooting out of spawn and it's physically impossible to damage enemy players then why punish him? The rule was set in place to prevent players from damaging others and to prevent them from bothering people while surfing so I find the punishment super unnecessary.
  4. YeEternalTuna

    Adventure Quest Worlds

    When it comes to classes, they do their best to make it not p2w by creating alternate ways (farming) to obtain them. There are times where they'll create classes that requires you to buy them with microtransactions but most of the time they're not as strong as some of the ones you can get through farming. If anyone wants to know more you can always find me on the xG discord or on steam.
  5. frozen pizza

  6. Y'all hear somethin'...? Probably just the wind..

    1. Precious


      how skyrim bandit leaders be when you shoot them for the 5th time in the head with a poisoned arrow and they still can't detect you

  7. YeEternalTuna


    Greetings gamer
  8. I swear on our planet that if I get another one of those rart ratings I'm gonna beat someone up

  9. YeEternalTuna


  10. SAD!

  11. anyone who uses light theme on discord deserves to PERISH

  12. ''delish''

    1. Tekage


      There's no better way to describe Toast Flavoured Ice Cream 😍

    2. BonfireCentipede
  13. salt & vinegar chips are shit 

    dont @ me

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    2. Goblins


      First you insult a good waifu, now you insult my favorite chips?
      Can we give this kid a "shit taste" title? 😠

    3. cook


      Nah nah, I am completely with you on this one. I've tried my hardest to finish a bag of those things and I barely made it out alive

    4. Kypari


      Mate I literally ate a single Salt and Vinegar Pringles pack EVERYDAY for a year and a half for breakfast and lunch they are FAR from shit you troll

  14. YeEternalTuna


    The player's steam id is STEAM_0:1:95993394 I found a record for uber upgrades,surf,and one for the pokemon trade center
  15. y'all some cantaloupes 

    1. cook


      At least I know I'm juicy

  16. okay so today was epic 😎

  17. Do you remember?

    1. Dannypicacho


      The 21st night of September

  18. YeEternalTuna


    You see, I would give you a +1 but yesterday you came at my neck the moment I joined the server. Didn't even say anything to anyone, not even a hello and you instantly disrespect me for no reason. I thought you were okay before this unfortunate event but it seems like you still lack maturity as other people here say so. You should probably fix your attitude towards players before you apply or it's just going to cause problems. -1
  19. cold showers 

    1. Dannypicacho


      Reading this hurt me

  20. YeEternalTuna


  21. thanos car

    1. realBelloWaldi
    2. Precious


      thanos joke thanos joke

  22. YeEternalTuna


    My man finally making a member app +1 pretty epic gamer if you ask me He's also really chill and friendly to play vidya games with A: ??? M: 8
  23.  bread