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    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name YeEternalTuna Identity STEAM_0:1:56604228 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 29 days 16:16:38 hrs Information I've been in xG for about 2-3 years now and I've been mod and admin (for a total of 9ish months) and its been around 9 months since I stepped down. The TF2 division has changed quite a lot ever since then. Since I've gotten interested in TF2 again and that I got to know the new(ish) community more, I feel like I should become staff again because summers coming (or already here for some people) and I know there's going to be an influx of people/rule breakers. Plus there are some regulars that look at staff negatively (only a really small amount) and I would like to (attempt to) change their view of staff. All in all I'm starting to get more active now and I'm getting the feeling of crunching some trolls since I have more time to do so.
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    +1 Pretty cool guy. I can already tell he would be a pretty chill member from the looks of it A:7 M:8
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    Ayyy Octagon!! Pretty neat guy and a overall friendly dude. Like Frosty said you could work on your activity a bit more but you've reached the requirements so A: 6 M:7
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    +1 Actually deserves member due to how frickin nice he is. A: 8 M:9
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    woah the weeb lord himself
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    Deko's Introduction

    Welcome my friend! It's a pleasure to meet you.
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    Ultimate Cook Book!

    Hey! Whats up gamer's! It's ya boy, YeEternalTuna here and this thread is being created in order to create the ULTIMATE COOK (thread) BOOK! So if you want to talk about a certain recipe for any sort of food item or if you just want to show off any of your creations, this is the thread! When showing off your creations I encourage you to post the steps for the item for anyone else that wants to attempt to create your item or even IMPROVE it. If you have any questions or suggestions that I should do for the thread, please either DM me on here or add me on Steam! Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/theultimatebeing/
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    I actually never ignored anything anyone said back then especially since when the entire community is at your neck for any little thing you do or say. I only talked to one individual because I could only trust this one individual. It may not have seemed like it but I did take in every piece of criticism and insult and thought about it for a while. Yeah that's what usually happens with most of the people who step down. The case for me is that I got bored and its one of the reasons why I stepped down in the first place.
  9. Happy Birthday Trump!!! 💕 🎂 🎉 6/14/2018 9:24 PM 🎉 💕

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      this better be a national holiday 😤

    2. Bello


      that would be a great move against the very very crooked liberals, @Dannypicacho. i like your thinking.

    3. Dannypicacho


      Thank you @Bello, very cool!

  10. pride is a sin

  11. YeEternalTuna

    Bias and hypocrisy

    Admins In-Game Name: [xG:A] Krampus Admins STEAM-ID: STEAM_0:1:88632487 Your In-Game Name: YeEternalTuna Your STEAM-ID: STEAM_0:1:56604228 What server did this happen in?: TF2 Surf What exactly did the abuser do?: Showed bias towards sprays Did it affect other players?: Yes Explain the entire situation here: So around 10 on June 8th, I was playing on surf like normal and there were some sprays that got my attention that were somehow allowed to be sprayed, even though it broke the spray rule. With this in mind I thought ''why not test something out'' and decided to find a picture of my own in order to test the bias of this whole spray thing. (with editing help from @NitNat ). First picture is mine and the other is one that was allowed by plenty of staff. As you can see the areola is quite large and visable while my image has the barbie doll censoring. My image was allowed by Frostyboigrim but denied by Krampus and I had thought it was really odd that they allowed butts to be shown and stuff like the spider oc pic but not my image so this is where my second experiment comes in with the help of @LemonVolt which involved a image found and edited by him. Again, going by the way Krampus worded his previous warning, butts were allowed so no problem right? Matt sprayed the shown picture and was immediately told to remove it. Krampus had stated that it wasn't allowed because ''its obvious that its a pornographic picture and you can tell whats under the sticker''. Matt had argued with that quoting krampus on how butts were allowed and was kicked for ''trolling''. He had explained it showed the entire body as well and too much of the butt. So my two brain cells sparked and I had remembered something from a few days ago that Precious slutboi had sprayed which means it HAD to be allowed right? This image was obtained from my tf2 files (where you find all the sprayed images within your tf2 game) and I had Lemonvolt spray it down to get Krampus's thoughts on it (I'm pretty sure you already know the outcome of this) and something quite odd happened... Now how is it that our spray (the image with the lemon censoring which I will refer as experiment #2) isn't allowed but the one of Kass is? It makes absolute no sense what so ever because its virtually the same exact thing but one is depicting a anthropomorphic bird man and the other is of a human female. It just screams hypocrisy and bias and as you can see when confronted he runs out of the little common sense he had left in him. Apparently ours is ''clearly taken from a pornographic image'' and just ''censored with a sticker'' even tho just by looking at the Kass picture you can TELL its cropped. The blind biased pass for the (kass) spray gets a pass when it’s clearly cropped nsfw. The (lemon censored) spray is set up exactly the same besides the fact that it’s a real person instead of a furry. Also Aegean has given me permission to put it in TF2 Discussion due to there being an error in the report abuse thread application.
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    +1 I've actually never had a problem with him. His maturity is decent and his activity is fine. A:7 M:7
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    It's time

    Noooooooo!!!! Anyone but Bone!!!! I'm going to miss your presence in xG...
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    cool cool cool actually deserves member +1 A:99999999999 M:99999999999
  15. death is inevitable 

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      yo thats some heavy stuff man

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      thank fudgeing christ


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      well it can hurry the frick up

  16. the universe is a hologram

    1. ProjectXenome


      No it's a DOOM WAD

  17. YeEternalTuna

    RIP to one of our first members

    Rest in peace my fine sir. Never knew him but I thank him for helping and contributing to the foundation of XenoGamers. Please send my condolences to his girlfriend and family.
  18. reality is an illusion 

  19. Random people whom'st randomly look at your profile 🤨

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      Is it truly random when you've posted a status update recently? 🤔

    3. Dannypicacho
    4. ProjectXenome
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    Cookie Recipes

    So I've been experimenting with cookie recipes online and I've already ended my crusade of experiments since I have found my perfect drop type cookie recipe but I want to start doing other types like pressed or bar cookies. I would like to ask: What should I start with? (Pressed,bar,etc.) If possible please provide some neat recipes that I can try out.
  21. YeEternalTuna

    Cookie Recipes

    @Elcark you just gave me an idea. I might as well make a different thread made entirely for showcasing the recipes that I know and are given to me by xg members. I'll provide (okish) pictures and the details to the recipes. Thanks for the recipe btw
  22. Yanny or Laurel? 🤔 The world may never know..

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      The dress is gold and white