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  1. bruh moment

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    2. YeEternalTuna


      idk I'm just bruh

    3. realBelloWaldi
    4. Dannypicacho


      In the middle ages it was believed that a minute is made up for 40 moments. If you have 40 bruh moments, you've officially had a bruh minute.

  2. YeEternalTuna


    +1 yes
  3. no more joking in THIS household

  4. I swear, no one understands sarcasm anymore 

    1. Precious


      I'm offended by this

  5. water = gamer fuel

  6. [obligatory new years message]

    1. Chaonic


      [Copy-pasted wishes in a format, clearly not written by me]

  7. YeEternalTuna

    Ultimate Cook Book!

    Hey! Whats up gamer's! It's ya boy, YeEternalTuna here and this thread is being created in order to create the ULTIMATE COOK (thread) BOOK! So if you want to talk about a certain recipe for any sort of food item or if you just want to show off any of your creations, this is the thread! When showing off your creations I encourage you to post the steps for the item for anyone else that wants to attempt to create your item or even IMPROVE it. If you have any questions or suggestions that I should do for the thread, please either DM me on here or add me on Steam! Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/theultimatebeing/
  8. water is great

    y'all should try it out sometime

    1. realBelloWaldi



      More than six million people in the US are drinking water that contains poisonous industrial chemicals linked with cancer and...

      Doesn't sound so great!

    2. Chaonic


      Dihidrogen monoxide has been found in 100% of all tumors.
      By now, most water supplies in the US are contaminated with it.
      I'm just glad, I live in the EU.

  9. big chungus has been and never will be funny

  10. people who have santa hats in their pfp deserve severe punishment of the unusual kind

    1. Kypari


      alright you fucking grinch

    2. bagggel


      green and salty just like my nuts come see the grinch theatres 2018

  11. YeEternalTuna

    Should we add a "Big Chungus" title

  12. Christmas eggnog 

  13. drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth

  14. pickle flavored ice cream

  15. pink eye

    1. Tatost


      I cannot get sick right now, I just can't!

  16. water bottle crushing asmr

  17. If you've heard of ''The Man in the Sky'' then get ready for ''The Dude in the Ground''.

    1. hongkongatron
    2. Tatost


      Some guy digs a small hole and starts having sex with it.

    3. hongkongatron
  18. here we go 😂

    1. Precious


      the calm before the storm

    2. Tatost


      we're coming to the top now

  19. YeEternalTuna

    Should I become a furry

  20. YeEternalTuna

    Destiny 2 Clan!

    There's no crossplay so you can only play on your respective platform. However, clans are universal which means that you can join a clan and if they were to do the weekly clan engrams or lvl up the clan on a different platform, you'd still get the benefits.
  21. want a sprite cranberry?

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    2. Tatost


      they're actually kind of good @Precious

    3. ABlueSkittle123


      @Tatost Couldn't agree more, they are actually pretty good.

    4. YeEternalTuna


      cranberry anything is good