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  1. This is a terrible map, and many people disconnect when it is voted for.
  2. It seems like a fun thing to add.
  3. My birthday was July 18th! I am now 16.

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    2. Flintlock


      ?fox gang?  is best gang. crab will always be inferior to lobster gang, which is inferior to fox gang.

    3. realBelloWaldi


      My birthday was July 5th! I am now 19.

    4. Kypari


      Happy Birthday ?

  4. My steam profile section says I'm offline even when I am on steam, and updating the status doesn't work.

    1. Thorax_


      You need to link your Steam account to the forum, it is saying you haven’t connected it yet when I looked at it.

    2. Flintlock


      I signed in through steam. it says I'm online now.

  5. Where should I post my favorite Trade Gaming History rancho relaxo spots?
    1. SnowyMinion


      https://xenogamers.com/forums/9/ maybe? @[107538:@virr]
    2. Thorax_


      Why general? It’s TF2 related, it should go in the TF2 section. https://xenogamers.com/categories/58/
    3. SnowyMinion


      I feel like the TF2 Section is more for suggestions for the servers. *shrug*
  6. I personally think we should remove the boo block from Mariokart
    1. Moosty
    2. james8470
    3. Vexx


      Unfortunately that is not possible unless we get permission from the original map creator to actually edit the map.
  7. In-Game Name: FlintlockDaFox Active Division: Team Fortress 2 Previously a Member in xG: No Identity: Steam Community :: FlintllockDaFox Banned: No Active on Teamspeak: No Time Active on Servers: whenever I can Age: 14 Reasons for Joining: I like this community and seek to watch it grow.