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    Rip mouse

    The mouse 1 ?️utton ?️roke. Now all i have is a crap ?️ootleg "gaming" mouse. Also expect another giveaway soon on, TGH tf2 server. (About a week or so from now)
  2. Id rather not dox myself as I live near this restaurant( its locally owned) but it has the best fried shrimp in the universe.
  3. SoundsSmores


    +1 pretty cool guy. Doesn't say hi back to me though...
  4. halo combat evolved, super smash bros 64, red alert 1&2 (Yuri's Revenge), i could keep going and going.
  5. Ok after actually reading some of these posts ive realized that this topic is pretty dumb. Like holy crap its a trade server, you shouldn't even get mad in a trade server. Trade servers are supposed to be casual. God please dont remove crits, i dont want to actually play seriously or try just to kill someone. I want to be able to use my " get memed on" bind when i get a crit that saves me from a better player. Basicly what im saying is come for the gameplay stay for the memes and crits are a vital part to that
  6. I think we should have 100% crits. Think aboit it, if everyone has crits then the game is balanced and only those who can aim can win. ( jk)
  7. Good day comrades, today i teach you how to make spaghetti in Siberia. You're probably wondering "how can one comrade make spaghetti with only potatoes and snow?" Well my dear friends i will show you. First you are goi g to need these ingredients: 50 potato, 9 cups of Siberian grade snow, and 10 bottles of 100 proof vodka. First grab and peel all 50 potatoes with hands. Get 20 of them and cut them into strips with bear hunting knife, mash the other 30 with hands until the potatoes are a paste. Next grab a pot and put in the slices of potato and 5 bottles of vodka. Put pot in fire, take it out before house burns down. Now drain the vodka (if theres any left) with a strainer. Next get the potato paste and mix it with rest of vodka. Now combine the slices of potato with the paste in separate bowl and enjoy comrade! Almost forgot snow is just for keeping vodka cold
  8. Um guys I dont know if you guy realize this, but we're trying to talk about yeeting on dem smelly bois. Please leave if u dont want to talk about that, oh and take ur spelling with you its not welcome here.?
  9. i iz loike grumor Doe u goyz loike to speack th amaricoon 2? And yes I do " hit those stinky bois withthat paht yeet"
  10. I dont know you very well (besides from seeing you play on TGH) , but that doesn't stop me from saying happy birthday! Have a good/safe one!
  11. SoundsSmores


    If Anyone wants to play it with me and my friends hit me up with a friend invite on warframe. (DJ_Luigi)
  12. Im curious on what peoples favorite maps are. ( i swear to bejebus if i see like 100 post about bunker im gonna die, more power to ye of you like it)
  13. So like i change my steam name alot so those dont matter. But I'm known by my friends as Jams. I got the name from one of my old Halo Rp characters name, james. Well to make a long story short james died and i didn't want to make another name so i took out the e.