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  1. Hey. Bullet spread is really dumb and imo just cripples good players. can we turn it off? idc about rando crits.
  2. for sure a chill dude. has a bad track record but has definitely improved. +1
  3. been a while. umm. im going to start getting back into tf here soon. heres where i have been. 1. ive been making music 2. school obviously 3. managing a music collective. 4. playing other games but i hope to see you guys soon!!! ?
  4. ill be active more on the xG site..." may not have kept my promise.

  5. sorry for being a stinky boy. been saving for a better computer. ill be getting on later...

  6. congrats!!! >~< ( just saw this lol)
  7. Won't be active for a while. Computer boi broke. OS deleted itself. rip. hope your summer is going well >~<

    1. ChillSlacker


      though ill be active more on the xG site...

  8. I'm finally moved into my new apartment!!!! ?

  9. Can I change my name on here to my in game name?? My in-game name is seel

  10. +1 He's a good player, and a cool dude.
  11. Opinions on the loch and load?

    1. Kypari


      It's far easier to use and a bit of a crutch. Iron Bomber is still better for the extra clip and such.

    2. ProjectXenome


      It's far too useful against other players, I would much rather it's usefulness against enemy buildings was empathized and not be as useful in fraging other players.

    3. Dannypicacho


      the direct hit for demoman