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  1. I did not step down because of my requirements. I stepped down because xG's TF2 servers were getting too boring and bland for me, and because I was sick of the drama. Kypari, Nutty, and Semper all stepped down for their own personal reasons, and while I'm not going to talk for them and act like I know every reason why they stepped down, I'm fairly certain they didn't step down because of hour requirements. I will admit getting in 14 hours a week could be daunting for me at times, but not because it's a lot of time to spend on TF2. It's because I got so bored of TF2 and fed up with xG drama that I began to loathe coming on. The game never changes, the servers never change, and the drama, while it would die down for a while, would always come back eventually. That's why I quit. The servers are getting stale for multiple reasons. And while I COULD go on a rant about everything that I think is causing the servers to become stale, I'm going to save your time by assuring you that the time requirements for staff are not one of those causes. It is far from the being one of the biggest problems on xG (which I'm not going to get into because this isn't the time or the place), and I dare say it is not a problem at all. I'm not trying to be rude, but in the future, speak for yourself, and only for yourself. While I appreciate you trying to stick up for staff, you shouldn't try to speak on behalf of a group that you are not a part of, especially if they have not asked you to.
  2. goodnight all.

  3. Hello everyone. So I'm sure that some of you are aware of my dip in activity recently. Well, I wouldn't say it's a dip, it's been on a slow decline for the past few months. I feel like I owe a bit of an explanation to those who've been wondering where I've been. Prepare yourselves, this is gonna be a long (and a bit ranty) one. However beforehand, I should give a small disclaimer: this is not meant to start drama with anyone, so please don't bring that shit here. Thanks. First and foremost, if I'm being completely honest, I can't stand Team Fortress 2 anymore. I started to get bored of the game all the way back in August, and had a little dip in activity then as well, which resulted in a warning from Seg. I've tried so many things to keep the game fresh for me, but guys, there's only so much I can do. The game is so old at this point, and there's hardly ever any new content in the game. If there is, it's all just cosmetic. We haven't had a major gameplay update since the dumpster fire that was the Pyro Update a while back. And while yes, xG has a lot of fun community maps to enjoy, most of the time, you'll just be playing on the same 4 or 5 maps, with an occasional unpopular map in the mix. That's because I'd say about 70% of the maps on TGH and 50% of the maps on Surf are complete garbage, and can kill the server if we go to the wrong ones. But even if you get rid of those maps, the best/most popular maps still get boring quickly because they're so overplayed. I've also come to the realization that I can't stand Surfing. Some of you may have already noticed, but I now only come on Surf if TGH is dead (which actually happens quite often nowadays) because I actually despise surfing. Just my opinion, it is the opposite of fun. All of this together has made TF2 almost a chore for me to play nowadays. I feel like my eyes are constantly watching the clock, waiting to see when I hit the one hour mark so I can stop playing TF2 and do something I actually enjoy. Another reason I haven't been coming on as often is because (gasp, could it be the dreaded word??) drama. XG has always been a clan filled with its fair share of controversy and shit talking and all that, that's nothing new. I knew that coming in to xG, but I made myself swear that I would try not to get involved in it or cause any myself. Unfortunately, that's not always how it works, and more often than not, it found me. That's not to say I didn't always deserve it, I realize I've made some foolish choices over the years. But the point is that I've ended up in the crossfire of several disputes and controversies, and it's starting to get very, very, very old. I didn't want to let it get to me, but honestly it's so frustrating and my patience has run out with it. Just when it seems like one thing has finally died down, a new controversy suddenly flares up to take its place, and it starts all over again. Perhaps the thing I despise the most about this clan is (oh boy RANT TIME!!!) group drama. It's always been a thing, and while it has died down recently, I still believe it's a problem. Look, I get it, in life, there will always be cliques, and there will always be people who don't see eye to eye, that's fine. But I think most of it is just so fucking petty and easily avoidable. It's always two groups at cold war with each other until one person does something to a person in the other group or someone in a group gets in trouble on servers, and then suddenly, everyone has to take a side. Then you're either a "gay furry pedophile who kisses up to staff" or a "tryhard troll who doesn't like furries but plays here anyways for some reason" or some other dumb bullshit like that. It's even worse for me because I'm a mediator, so I always have friends on both sides, most of which who can't stand each other and talk mad shit behind each others backs. Most of you in this clan are over the age of 14, shape up and fucking act like it. This isn't middle school, if you don't like someone, be the better person and avoid them. Again, I don't care if you disagree with/dislike a certain person or group of people, that's fine. But you don't need to always be talking shit or picking fights or dumb shit like that. And I'm not aiming this at any one group, every group that I've been a part of has had people who do shit like this. I see not only our staff, but sometimes even our higherups doing this, like come on, grow up. *S i g h* I apologize, but I've wanted to say that for a lonnnnnnng time. These days, I've been finding myself losing sleep at night, thinking about what I'm going to do with xG. I fear losing all the friends I've made here, and worrying about how getting a second job will further affect my playtime. I kept telling myself that I can't leave, or I'll lose everything I've worked for here. But then every time I tell myself that I'm gonna be more active and work harder, a week later, my activity starts to dip again and my interest in the game falters. How long until I don't have any more chances to improve my activity? How long until I just become known as another one of the Admins who got demoted for inactivity? Why should I keep holding this staff slot when there are probably players who are far more active and far more deserving of it than me? I figure... maybe it's just best that I bite the bullet. It pains me to say it, really it does, but maybe it's just time for me to move on. I think I'm going to step down, and take a break from TF2 for a while. I'm not going to quit it forever, nor am I never going to come back to xG, but for now, I need a break. I just have too much on my mind right now, since I am turning 21 soon and I need to be looking towards the future. I want to be spending what free time I have left doing things that make me happy, and make me feel good, and TF2 just doesn't do either of those things for me anymore. I'm sorry to everyone I'm disappointing by making this, but I think it's for the best. I don't wanna end this on a negative note though. Over the last couple years I've spent here in xG, I've had some great laughs, and made a lot of greater friends. I've learned a few things and learned to improve not only as a staff member, but as a person too. And so I'd like to take some time to thank those of you who made my time here so enjoyable. To Krampus: Thank you for always being a great friend. I don't care about what anyone else says about you, you've always been good to me and I thank you for that. I hope everything works out well for you and Grape. To Semper: I'm glad I got to meet you and become friends with you, you're really funny and sweet. I would give you all of my tendies if I could. To Nutty: Thank you for being a chill DL and a good friend. Tell Pichu I said hi. To Kypari: Thank you for helping me improve when I faltered. I do hope things get better for you, and I hope we can talk again sometime soon. I wish the best for you and your brother :3 To Tekage: helo To Elcark: I don't know if you'll ever see this, but thank you for getting me back into xG. I never would have gotten back into the game had it not been for your kindness and friendliness. I wouldn't have met anyone here I know today without you. Thank you. To Seg: Thanks for being so chill and friendly. I hope you only continue to improve as a DL. To Caleb: I'm not sure why, but honestly I was super afraid of you when I first became a staff member. Maybe it was a rumor I heard, but anyways, I'm glad we met. You are a really funny guy and I believe you can change xG for the better. To Bonfire: Okay it might seem weird for me to mention you here since we aren't really that close but when I first came to xG, I kinda looked up to you and saw you as a good staff member. I wanted to be in your position someday. Thank you for being an inspiration. (also everyone stop calling him gay bonfire gaming or i bite grrr) To Hyper Wolf: Thanks for being a cool dudebro, best of luck to you :3 To everyone else that I couldn't name because this post is long enough already: Thank you all for all of the great times you've given me. My time here at xG has had its ups and downs, but for the most part, I really did enjoy my time here. I wish the best for all of you, and I hope we can all still be friends after I leave. May we meet again, either in discord playing games together, or in xG if I ever decide to come and visit again. Peace out. -Precious.
  4. aww rip Sucks to see you go Kypari, but if you think it's the best choice, i'll support you through it. I hope you start feeling better, and I do hope we meet again, be it in xG or outside of it. I'll never forget you noodle boi, take care.
  5. While I haven't bumped into you much recently, I do definitely believe you have improved over the last few months. You follow the rules well enough and have helped me de-escalate situations in the past. I've also noticed that yes, you are on most frequently late at night, when other staff are not available to deal with the problem. I think xG could definitely use more late night staff, especially because a decent amount of the calladmins and complaints we get come late at night, when most of the staff are already asleep. I've heard some people say things about your behavior, but I haven't witnessed any of it myself, so I don't think it's right to hold that against you. And again, while we haven't bumped into each other much recently, I must say that every time I have seen you, you've been mostly well behaved and cooperative. I feel comfortable enough to give you a +1. Good luck.
  6. In the short time I've known this person, they've caused a lot of uproar on the forums and generally been childish/toxic. Even after being warned by Virr after that dumpster fire of a post he made, I still see him acting incredibly childish and arrogant, literally begging for downvotes. I may not play CS:GO, but I think his behavior recently on the forums is more than enough to be punished. He's already been warned and shows no signs of wanting to improve. I see no reason why he should still be a member of this community. +1 for membership removal, or if that's a bit too extreme, then +1 for a ban of some sort.
  7. my patience here is starting to wear thin tbh.

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      what you mean?

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      @james8470 just the drama and the game in general are starting to get really old 

  8. "Just mute the person clientside if they're annoying you!" is something you would say in a casual game where there is no one to moderate what players say or do. But that's not the situation, here in xG, we have our own community servers with our own staff with the power to enforce rules. Yet, even though we have these powers and could stop the harassment ourselves, some people are content to just give the same 'just mute them clientside!' response. Personally I think this is a lazy solution to a bigger problem. The person who is being harassed is probably going to think the staff are lazy too, and grow bitter towards them, while the person who was harassing them gets away with it. Even if what they're saying isn't against the rules, they are doing it because they know it will irritate someone and get a reaction out of them, and that is harassment. I'll give you an example. I have a stupid bind I use 'for the memes lul' that goes something like "I'm daddy's little fidget spinner! He puts me on his dick, and I spin! Whishhh!". When I use that bind, I mean no ill intent by it, I'm just using it to be funny and dumb. However, I have realized that a lot of people actually don't find this funny at all. They find it more disgusting or annoying, and they've asked me to stop using it. While again, I by no means wanted to harass anyone with it, people were still annoyed by it, so I'm going to stop using it. This goes with anything else I say on the servers. If anyone ever tells me it's getting on their nerves and ask me to stop, I stop. Because again, if I just keep saying it, knowing it will irritate them, that would be harassment. Some people think it's a matter of people getting too easily offended, but I don't think so. In schools, if a student is doing something that they know is irritating another person, the school faculty will usually step in and separate them, right? Yet on our servers, where our staff serve mostly the same purpose and have the power to defuse a situation, it's okay to just take the easy way out and essentially tell them 'deal with it yourself'? If you don't step in to stop harassment, it gives a green light for the harasser to keep going. And in my eyes, that is incredibly lazy and corrupt. If you disagree with me about this, hey, that's fine. We don't have to see eye to eye on everything. But you cannot convince me that telling people to clientside mute is a better solution than actually dealing with the situation yourself. By doing so, you fail the person who asks for your help, and you fail in your duties as a staff member. Great post by the way Caleb.
  9. I personally like rusty bucket bay but honestly I wouldn't be devastated if it was removed. The rest, in my opinion, are pretty meh and I wouldn't mind seeing them gone. Just my opinion tho.
  10. I love mint chocolate chip or just basic chocolate, good shit right there
  11. hi hi hi welcome to xenogamers
  12. Precious


    it's not gay if it has socks on
  13. sniper can't get headshots unless his shot is fully charged yeet
  14. I was wondering who you were, you seemed familiar... Yeah tbh I was really pissed off by that post you made about leaving xG, I thought it was overly dramatic and childish, and the perfect example of how NOT to leave a clan. But you know what, you seem like you already know that, and I can't deny that your behavior seems like it has changed since you made another account. I hope you decide to stick around and keep improving. Welcome back I guess.
  15. rip delfino airstrip
  16. I wondered for a while why we banned some slurs and not all of them, but I got a better idea of why that is after discussing it a few times with higher ups. Keep in mind, we don't just ban the n-word, we ban ALL racial slurs, no matter what race it means. From what I can understand, the reason we do this is because while slurs like fag can be used in non-offensive, friendly, or playful contexts, there is never a scenario where racial slurs are used in a way not to offend someone. That's quite literally what they're made to do after all, offend someone of that race. And while yes, some black people call each other the n-word in a friendly way, keep in mind that they don't use the actual n-word itself, they use it without a hard R, which means something completely different to them. And that's just it, you don't see white people walking around calling each other crackers or mexicans calling each other beaners on a friendly and daily basis. That's because there are very few contexts where people would actually call each other those things to be friendly. The same thing kinda applies to the word faggot. Gay people have been know to use it sometimes, but usually not in that way. They usually just say fag or fig or something dumb like that. That's not to say every gay person calls each other that, or that every gay person isn't offended by that, but most gay people here seem not to mind it. For the longest time, I believed xG either needed to ban all slurs or allow them, because I thought it was stupid to allow some and ban the rest. However, after working as staff here for a while, I realize now that sometimes it can be important to have a gray area when making certain rules. An "All or nothing" ideology can punish everyone for the actions of a few. A good example was the spray controversy months ago. People were getting fed up with porn sprays so they tried to have all sprays removed. It punished everyone for the actions of a few, and I'm glad we didn't go through with it. While fag, gay, the n word, and any other slur are just words and only have power if you give them power, racial slurs almost always have negative meanings, and that's why they are not allowed. Maybe we could allow the n word without the hard R? I think with context, that isn't offensive, just like fag. But idk, just my opinion /shrug
  17. What? Seriously? You think that after your dramatic exit, all the shit that you've pulled, all the unforgivable things you've said and done, you can just come back and act like everything's fine and apply for staff again? Well you're goddamn right. Welcome back Cleb. I missed you. :3 +1 Never leave us again or I'm coming for that ass
  18. Meaty's pretty cool, nice and chill boi who follows rules and stuff, he'd be a cool memberino i guess +1
  19. I've seen some more people speak out in defense of this map recently, and while I must admit some of these defenses are legitimate, I also disagree with some of them. I'd like to go over those/debunk them quickly. (nothing personal to anyone I quote, just using them as examples) Swimming in the water doesn't save you from the snipers. Most snipers can still see you swimming and snipe you on dry land. They can also get in the water themselves and snipe, and since water gives you even LESS movement, it becomes even harder to use water to get to the snipers unless you're a cloaked spy. Also, the Vaccinator doesn't make the map better, I would say it makes it even more toxic, because then everyone will just get vac meds to pocket them, then it turns into another battle of which team has the better snipers again. This time though, it makes it even less fun because you can't get any insta kills. I'm sure we all have different experiences, but almost every time I've been on TGH and we go to Delfino Airstrip, either: the server dies quickly after OR we RTV as soon as the option is open. Of course the statistics may not line up with my experience, but that doesn't mean people necessarily enjoy this map. The reputation of this map in the community has always seemed generally disliked. This is similar to something I've heard a lot of people say about the map. "X isn't as bad as Y and Z, therefore X is good!". Yes, there are probably worse maps on TGH, but that doesn't mean that this one is good. Smoking might not be as dangerous as doing meth, but that doesn't make it healthy either. But anyway, those are just some of my opinions. I do agree that on a technical standpoint, this map functions much better than some of the other maps that we have and there is nothing actually innately broken about it. I also don't think it's ugly, though the colors may be a bit over-saturated. However, I still stand by my views and believe this map should be removed. You're all free to have your own opinion on the map though. If you truly enjoy it, that''s fine! I'm glad you can enjoy something I can't.
  20. Also I would like to say 2 things: 1: Please READ the whole thing before voting. I tried to make a fair analysis on why people dislike the map, so even if you do like the map, maybe you can at least listen to my reasoning and understand my points. 2: Please do NOT vote no just because you dislike me. You can dislike me, that's fine, whatever, I don't care. But don't be so childish and petty and vote no purely because you dislike me. If you truthfully enjoy this map, then fine, that's great. But don't impulsively choose no because my name is plastered on this thing or you think this map is funny to meme on.
  21. So for a while now, I've been wanting to make polls to remove some maps that have been generally disliked by the community. Today, while on TGH, a decent amount of people were on but for some reason the next map was already chosen to be Delfino Airstrip (the decision was probably made way earlier, as we were just starting to revive the server). We tried to use votemap to stop it since nobody wanted to go to there, but in the end it failed, and we went there anyways. Sure enough, once we got there, a lot of people left and as soon as the ability to RTV was available, we used it to go to a different map immediately. If so many people loathe the map so much, why do we even still have it on rotation? Now, some of you may be wondering what's wrong with it, and to those who don't know why this map is hated, I'll give you some reasons. First off, the map is quite small. While it appears large at first, the actual battlefield itself is very small. A map being small isn't always a bad thing, smaller compact maps like Delivery can be quite fun to play on at times. However, its size only amplifies the other reasons why people hate this map. One of the biggest reasons this map is hated is because it is almost completely just a flat, wide open plane. And I think we all know what happens when a map is so open and flat: sniper hell. Almost everyone will just go sniper and it'll turn into an all out shitfest. Don't get me wrong, maps that encourage snipers aren't a bad things on their own, maps like Lava Giant manage to make it fun to play sniper and play against them as well due to its layout. But with airstrip's simplistic, flat design, the snipers become unbearable. Now, these two points aren't so bad on their own, but my last point is what really makes this map awful to play on: no spawn rooms. Whenever you spawn, it's out in the open, in a boat with barely any cover. The only respawn cabinet is in a hut in the middle of the map, which is usually just camped by one team. Combine this with the sniper hell and flat map layout, and the game quickly degrades into a bunch of tryharding snipers and spies trying to get revenge on said snipers. You get sniped, you respawn, you take two steps forward, you get sniped, rinse and repeat. Despite all the hate over delfino airstrip, I've still heard some people defend this map for some reason. I'd like to go over some of the defenses or reasons they give for wanting to keep this map and why they aren't valid. First off, I've heard people say that because this map is "a classic", that means it shouldn't be removed. Well I have news for you: just because something is old or 'classic' doesn't mean it's good. From what I can tell, this map has been despised by many since it's been here. I've also heard people say "lol you just don't know how to counter snipers". To that I say... are you dumb? There are only really two counters to snipers: spies, and other snipers. The distance between each spawn allows the snipers to kill any other class long before they can reach them, making them nonviable. Even spy isn't that good, because sniper has so many counters to deal with spies himself, from jarate to the razorback. So that just leaves sniper. Then it literally just turns into a battle of which team has the better snipers. I've also heard people say "It's just a trade server, not all maps have to be serious". While yes, this may be a trade server, that doesn't mean that it's okay for maps to be poorly designed. Some of TGH's most popular maps such as Clocktown, Bunker, Rogueport, and Aquaticruin still manage to be fun for everyone because they give an equal playing field to both teams and allow multiple classes to flourish and counter one another. I honestly don't know why anyone would defend this map unless they were doing it 'for the memes lul'. This map is poorly designed, encourages one class to dominate, is too small to do anything on, and has no spawn rooms. People leave every time we go there, almost always killing the server or leading to an instant RTV. I honestly don't see any redeeming qualities in this map, besides that it's from a good game, but even that doesn't excuse its poor design. I've been listening to people complain about this map since I first started coming on xG two years ago, and I think it might be time to remove it from rotation. There are LOTS of other maps on TGH that I'd like to see removed, but for now, I'll start here and see how well this goes. What do you guys think? Remove it or keep it?
  22. ayyy congrats to Seg and Myagic! also welcome all new members!
  23. next person to make a single letter message is quadruple mega ultra beast gay

  24. delfino airstrip, nimbusland, and pretty much any other map that favors one team over the other and encourages sniper hell. I have zero patience for those shitty maps. Also delivery. That map is not good, those who say otherwise are either people saying for the meme or people with negative iq
  25. I'm getting a bad sense of Déjà Vu here. Look, I don't wanna sound like an ass, but I believed you could change before and you let me down. You basically became a meme in the community with all the drama that transpired involving you leaving and coming back in such a short period of time. Now, I know we can all have our problems IRL, and it can be hard not to let them affect how we act, but your behavior was still childish and unacceptable. This would usually be the part where I act optimistic and say "the past is the past", but even today, you're going around literally begging for downvotes. I don't care if it's 'for the memes lul', considering what it took to get you to that point, I think it's still a slap to the face to those who had faith in you. It almost feels like you've learned nothing. And if you've learned nothing, why should we put our trust in you again? Ugh, look, I know next to nothing about you besides all of your past drama Neon. I also don't see you much or talk to you on servers, so I don't know what things you must be struggling with. I will say though that I'm sorry things are rough for you, and I hope you get past them. You'll always be welcome here at xG as long as you follow the rules, but I suggest that for the best possible experience, you stay true to your word and improve from here on out. Because honestly, I don't see things going much better for you this time if you don't make an effort to do better.