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  1. feeling bored, someone tell me something to draw and i may or may not draw it idk

    1. Caleb956


      A red panda rolling around on sand wow 


  2. so how does everyone feel about season 7 of Fortnite

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    2. Tatost


      @realBelloWaldi I can't tell if that's sincere or a joke lmao

    3. Kypari


      @Tatost Pretty sure it's serious, Epic Games keep introducing things to dumb the game down for new players and now competitive Fortnite games are literally planes all flying in the air in a tiny ass circle

    4. Tatost


      I haven't been paying attention to Fortnite, I have never played the game and I intend to keep it that way.

  3. Precious

    Promotions and Demotions #213

    rip cleb also hello new members!
  4. the guy below this post is triple gay 👇

  5. Precious

    Should I become a furry

    submit to the dark side
  6. Precious

    The future of xG

    After seeing the title of this post, I thought it was gonna be another one of those overly dramatic rants about "everything wrong with xG". I was pleasantly surprised.
  7. Precious

    I am stepping down

    Aww rip. It's okay bud, we all get caught up in real life stuff, you don't have to apologize for anything. I do hope you stick around, and I wish you the best on whatever you do next. :3
  8. Precious

    Stepping down

    Do you ever say anything that isn't pessimistic or cynical? Anyways, gahh this is rough to see Caleb. I remember the first time we really got to meet each other, you were asking people to tell jokes and I told a few and you added me. You've always been such a cool staffy boi and an inspiration for me to do better. While it's sad to see you go, if you believe you're doing the right thing, I respect that. Thanks for always being a good friend cleb, I hope we meet again soon
  9. Precious

    Worst Thing You Were Caught Doing?

    Okay okay this is for all the big bois on the servers who have jobs irl. All you jobless kiddies, be G O N E. So, what's the worst thing your boss or coworkers have ever caught you doing? Did it happen at or outside your workplace? Did it affect your relationship with them? Did you end up getting fired for it? I'll start: I work for my uncle at a radio station. He's a really cool, chill uncle who's pretty relaxed about everything in and out of work. About a year ago, during a Halloween party, I was getting really into it and decided to take some jello shots. It was a neighborhood party and I knew some of my family was going to be there, though I didn't know my uncle was going. So after I downed 3 jello shots with some friends, I turn and see my boss staring at me with his jaw dropped to the floor. I was a minor at the time, and here I was taking shots in front of my pure uncle who was also my boss. I thought for sure he was going to fire me, and I started apologizing up and down, trying to explain the situation. But... he didn't really care. He was just surprised to see me doing it and we had a good laugh about it all. We had fun and neither of us spoke a word about any of it to anyone at work. I'm honestly super lucky to have an uncle/boss as cool as him, because any other person probably would have fired me after that. But anyways, that's probably the worst thing I've ever done in front of my boss. Shhh no tell anyone, this is our little secret. >:)
  10. insomnia sucks ree

  11. Precious

    The state of TF2?

    I don't believe TF2 is dead but I do believe it is dying. It has been on a steady decline for the past few years, with content updates coming less and less and fewer things being added with each update. Some things feel very out of date or unbalanced, and need to be updated. It's frustrating to see the state of the game now, it's almost as if Valve has completely forgotten it. The game gets very stale very quickly because there's hardly ever any new content, and the content they add is never what the game needs. At times, it almost feels like the only way to still have fun is to make your own fun, by going onto modded community servers full of ideas that could be added to the game, but never will. I know the game is old but I don't think that means it's a lost cause. I do believe that if all of the original developers came back and Valve put a little more time and money into updating the game with new and fresh content, it would pay off for them. New players and veterans could be lured back and more money could be made, but no. Valve is content to just collect money from TF2 until it runs dry, at which point, they'll probably shut it down. I don't see TF2 living on for much longer. Maybe a couple more years, but not much longer than that. Small cosmetic crate updates won't cut it, the only thing that could save the game from a slow painful death at this point is to release a major, game changing update, bigger than the Jungle Inferno one. But I don't see that ever happening due to how incompetent Valve is now. TF2's glory days are long gone, and I believe it's only a matter of time before it fades entirely.
  12. Precious

    Fun Fact of Yourself

    Fun fact about me? Uhhh well I only have one kidney. Lost my other one when I was really young to cancer, but I'm doing well without it. That's not to say it hasn't caused health problems over the years, but it's whatever, if I survived that shit, I can survive anything yo B)
  13. Precious

    Is everyone ready for Christmas

    I'm pretty excited, though I'm not sure what to ask for, or what to buy for my family and cousins. I love the Christmas aesthetic so much, all the snow and color and jolliness is pretty neeto. My favorite holiday next to Valentines Day.
  14. Precious

    What's your favorite drink?

    Alcoholic: Hard to say, I'm not into drinking much, though I like some types of Wine. Non-Alcoholic: Strawberry Soda. My absolute favorite :3
  15. Precious

    What’s is your favorite animal?

    my favorite animals are skunks (don't judge me), I think they're adorable and I would cuddle and hug one if it wasn't stinky. Since skunks can have their odor glands removed, yeah I'd happily own one as a pet, they're like chubby cats with cooler fur patterns.
  16. Precious

    Xander - Team Fortress 2

    I don't have any problem with you, you're pretty friendly and funny and chill. You're also fairly active and you've followed the rules every time I've seen you. I don't think it's fair to judge you for your past, especially when it seems like you've improved quite a bit, so I think you'd make a good member. A: 8.5 M: 8.5 +1
  17. skunks are cutest animal don't @ me

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    2. Red


      my favorite animal is the rock

      Image result for rock

    3. bagggel


      my favorite animal is the rock



    4. hongkongatron
  18. Precious

    Promotions and Demotions #210

    my bad, thought this was this weeks promo demo for some reason lol
  19. Precious

    Promotions and Demotions #211

    congrats all yee
  20. Precious

    Promotions and Demotions #210

    congrats @shwash, great work shwashy boi :3 also congrats to all of our new members!
  21. Precious


    You really don't get it do you? Here's one word for you: context. When I use those stupid binds, I'm using them as a dumb joke. But if someone tells me they genuinely dislike those binds, I stop using them, because continuing to say things that I know would tick someone off is harassment. Meanwhile, you said something that could be interpreted as disrespectful towards someone, knowing they probably wouldn't like it. You could tell they wouldn't like it, and they made it clear they didn't enjoy what you were saying to them, yet you kept going. Out of context, yeah, the things we say sound a lot alike. But in context, we are saying them for two completely different reasons. I'm saying it for dumb harmless fun and would stop if it was irritating someone. You on the other hand, knew it would irritate someone yet you still kept going. I gave you a warning in chat, then you said "suck my dick" in chat afterwards. Now, I heard you say this wasn't aimed at me. Even if that is true, you still continued to harass someone after I deliberately warned you to stop, then I gagged you. Now, if that insult really wasn't aimed at me, you know you could've tried to contact me and let me know, right? Friend me on steam and pm me, pm me on discord, pm Seg and have him talk to me, but no. Instead you changed your name to "suck my dick" to disrespect everyone. This was an absolutely childish and immature way to deal with the situation. I've heard some people say "why didn't you kick him?' and "this was too strict", I have news for you. In case you didn't already know, Red has been banned before in the past. As Kypari said, after someone has been kicked and then banned once, it's a ban instead of kick every time afterwards, because they should already know the rules and what they've done wrong if they've been banned for it before. I gave Red a warning, he had a chance to stop but didn't, he was punished, he changed his name to disrespect us even further, so I banned. I wasn't strict, I guarantee you any other staff member would have done the same. If you have a problem with that, you should take it up with higher ups on how they think the process of punishment should go. I'm just doing my job, and it just so happens this time your ban is permanent. Also, just because we're staff doesn't mean we should have to become boring prudes. We take our roles seriously and try to keep things professional in terms of rules and punishment, sure. But literally every staff member on xG has said some dumb raunchy stuff like that, including our DL's like Nutty. It's all harmless fun, and again, context matters. Me talking about daddy's cummies is not the same as saying things you know will start trouble. *s i g h* Now that I've made that clear, I want to say i'm sorry you're mad at me Red. I swear I have nothing against you or any of your friends. I know next to nothing about you, only the few things I've heard from friends. Besides this situation, I've personally never had a problem with you, and I don't think you're some kind of scum that deserves to be permabanned. Especially because I just found out you've only been banned one other time. I had no idea your next ban would be permanent, and by no means wanted you to be gone permanently. I encourage you to do a challenge to come back, because again, I don't think you're some gigantic threat to xG. HOWEVER, I don't see how in any way, I abused my power or was too strict. I followed the process of punishment that all other staff members follow, and dealt punishment accordingly. Like I said, I guarantee you any other staff member would have done the same. I just happened to be that staff member. Sorry.
  22. I really need a hug rn, someone hold me pls, I'll pay you in chicken tenders

    1. Tatost


      I only accept payment in tacos, sorry.

    2. Queelsh


      I got you buddy!


  23. Precious


    That was quick. First, I would like to say that I warned you to stop in chat and you kept going. Don't believe me? It was clear that they didn't like that you said that to them, and when I told you to stop, you responded disrespectfully, so I gagged you. Simple. Then, after being warned and gagged for being disrespectful towards others, you decide to disrespect people again by changing your name to 'suck my dick'. That doesn't sound like you were joking to me. Continuing to cause trouble after already receiving punishment will usually result in a ban. To those of you who think this is strict, let me tell you the order of how staff are supposed to deal with these things: 1. Warn the person to stop, 2. Mute/Gag/Kick depending on the offense. Then, if they persist and continue to cause problems, then 3. You ban them accordingly. And it just so happened that you have been banned numerous times before and this time it was a perma. This is what most of the staff do. I'm not being strict, I'm doing my job. Might I also add that you were given chances to stop. I warned you and you still were disrespectful towards me and others on the server. I gagged you and you still tried to start trouble. I wasn't being strict, you just don't know when to quit. I seriously doubt you were just kidding around with that person, because you would've been smarter than to continuously disrespect me after I warned you and gave you chances to stop. You've had several chances in the past to shape up and change your behavior, but you've kept going. Same disruptive behavior every time. And it just so happens this time your ban is permanent. So sorry s1x, but you've had more than enough chances to improve. You can point fingers at everyone else, but the fault lies entirely on you. -1
  24. Precious

    Cinematic threads

    I think that sounds kinda cool, I personally wouldn't submit much content myself but we don't really have a creative tab for film or anything like that.
  25. Halloween is over, post Christmas memes bois

    1. Queelsh


      You takin shit about my Turkey memes?

    2. ABlueSkittle123