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    interesting i had no idea you could have two accounts at once on this website i have spoken ?
  2. merry christmas xenogamers savor it while you can what do i want for christmas? the same as you, i imagine. wealth, fame, power but i had to see the best this clan had to offer i am not impressed i have spoken ?
  3. good evening gamers i am offering spanish doubloons in exhange for some RAM as my computer has been slowing down. it's speed is comparable to the rate of which tf2 gets updates if anyone would be willing to sell me some RAM (AKA "dedotated wam") and provide a download link for it that would be duper super i have spoken ?
  4. i will now reveal the true reason i joined this clan. i joined this clan to apply for co-leader so i could make this clan the best damm clan on the internet - consider it a neo-xG. unfortunately, my member application was denied under false pretenses so i am unable to apply for staff. friends, brothers, sisters, i call to you now to allow me to become the new leader of this clan and i promise you all fame and fortune; and here's how i'm going to do that: phase 1: culling out the week next saturday and throughout the weekend all of our tf2 servers will be populated to the max (32/32) because a steam announcement will be made which goes along the lines of this: "JOIN THIS SERVER OR YOU'RE KICKED FROM THE CLAN" indeed, those who do not show up over the weekend will be kicked, as well has most of the members of xG. Only the strong will be allowed to survive in neo-xG. 32 players at the time will fight in a free-for-all - like popular book hunger games. The one winner of each round of 32 will stay in the clan. phase 2: becoming the strongest clan in the world now we have only the strongest players in neo-xG. we take these players and form a competitive highlander team. as you may know you cannot instantly join the highest-tier division, so we're going to hack into the computers of b4nny's team and find nude pictures of them to use as blackmail. we then get on the roster via said blackmail and use our gamer skills to become the new strongest TF2team. phase 3: profit while to the outside world we appear benevolent and noble as a neo-xG tf2 highlander team, one night we take the world by surprise and start pub-stomping, HARD. only 2 hours of sleep every day, we spend 22 hours a day pub-stomping. the onslaught will be so great no one could join a casual game and leave spawn without being instantly killed. now we have tf2 at hostage, so we start making demands. first, valve must give us admin access to tf2. we use this to get shiny unusual hats. then, we make tf2 no longer free-to-play. now, everyone must pay 5$/hour of play. so you see, if you just allow me to be your now co-leader, xG can become neo-xG - a place of freedom, hope, dreams, and all the shiny hats and fortune you can imagine. WHO WILL JOIN ME? i have spoken ?
  5. i don't know who this james8470 kid is but he sounds like a really awesome dude who you should be friends with i have spoken ?
  6. don't worry i intend to explain everything about myself in a new post and my future plans when i get accepted trust me on this ? AMA
  7. In-Game Name GodEmperor Division Forum Previous Member No Identity 43194-godemperor/ Age 118 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 0 Reason for Joining i'll make this damm simple; let me join this clan and you won't regret it