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Found 2 results

  1. The Trouble in Terrorist's Town server, like all other GMod servers, follow the General Garry's Mod Server Rules found here, in addition to the General Community Rules found here. Portal Gun Rules: The Portal Gun follows general rules of RDM. Do not use it to randomly kill people with no reasoning. Do not use it to escape the map boundaries at any point. No creating traps to trap people (i.e. in other players, inside a wall, etc.) When spectating, do not possess props in order to kill people. KOS Rules: You cannot KOS others without a legitimate reason (unless you're a traitor), such as being shot or someone having a traitor weapon without being proven. Some non-legitimate reasons to KOS, and instead are potentially only suspicious, include but are not limited to the following: Refusing to test Scoping in with a sniper rifle Following people around Otherwise non-KOS-able but suspicious actions Potential future rules will be added to this thread when the need arises. Last edited 4/18/19.
  2. Definition of slur. 1a : an insulting or disparaging remark or innuendo : aspersionb : a shaming or degrading effect : stain, stigma. Xeno gamers has always strived to be a safe and welcoming environment for all types of people, despite a persons ethnicity, regardless of they are homosexual or heterosexual, ignoring The limitations of age, and treating the sexes as equals. XG however has been ignoring the comfort and security of one group : people who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder. More than 3.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with ASD and the number is believed to be much higher due to individuals who have closeted their disorder. The amount of people who suffer from ASD on Steam is staggering, and it is safe to say that we come in contact with some of these individuals online daily. Autism spectrum disorder more often than not leads to many separate diagnoses such as Anxiety, depression, and Agoraphobia. People who have been bullied due to their atypical behaviour begin to see themselves as lesser, worthless, and with a bleak future. ASD can also lead to dependency issues, which only amplifies these thoughts of self worthlessness, and in some cases these thoughts lead to self harm or even suicide. As a community service worker, I have seen this happen, it is heart breaking and it never gets easier. With all of this being said, why are we allowing people to use this serious disorder to be the butt of every joke? Yes it is a meme that is used often, but so are other slurs we find unacceptable. There will be people on the spectrum ok with these slurs, may even use them themselves as a joke, but this can be said about any slur. I have been receiving messages of people on the spectrum feeling isolated and outcasted to to these jokes and I believe that we must put a stop to it, for their sake and for future xG players.