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Sniipz - Counter-Strike

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  • Division
  • Offenders In-Game Name
  • Offender's Identity
  • Ban Type
    Server Ban
  • Explanation and Evidence

    Ban Length: Min- 1 Week Max- 1 Month

    Freekilled to get his "anger out" on clouds right before a map switch then i killed him on undertale telling him to slay for it and the next round he massed everybody in their cells. Jadow joined and he became a kiss ass immediately.


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Same opinion as posted in another thread regarding a situation where a Player [mass] freekilled (aforementioned post for reference ).

While it's worth noting that the first provided image does present a semi-visible case where the accused is actually caught firing on a T in their cell (third image as well, but barely discernible); but without any physical context aside from word-of-mouth it's difficult to determine whether or not it was justified (eg. was the T caught rebelling, breaking vent, etc) from the perspective of someone who did not personally witness it.

As is the case in the other thread [linked above], I strongly recommend that if a punishment is being considered, that it only be limited to a CT ban and not a Server ban unless there is a direct correlation with our rules that state that the user should be perm'd from the server (eg. mass freekill and disconnect).

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1 hour ago, Lithium said:

@Abstract do you want to maybe re-upload those screenshots but as a higher resolution? you cant see shit in those

1st image: Cells are closed, you can see Snipz still firing into cells with some kills in the feed.

2nd image: Actually aiming a fucking gun at a T (time is 8:21)

3rd image: Same idea as the first image, but you can't see him firing in this one.

4th image: T getting killed in cells while doors are still closed

5th image: death screen showing that he was killed by Snipz with the doors still closed

6th image: Hard to tell, but I see a dead T in his cell right next to where Snipz' crosshair is, but I think you get the idea.

idk if this was actually worth anything, but it's basically the best I can do xd

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