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  1. bro thats really homosexual ill pass
  2. Im aware that people love rusty but I have to agree that it does drop the number of players on the server
  3. Rainy

    i made pizza11!1!!1!1

    We have @shwash for that. best delivery guy to date
  4. plot twist. welcome back
  5. I'm not sure if jackbox would fare to well for a cm because there's only about 8 slots for actual players and other people just have to watch as a part of the crowd so i'm not sure how well it'd go We can have people wait in turn but if its a large turnup I think it would be really boring having to wait in line to play
  6. I think you should have a CN twice every month with it being on the second and last saturday of each month
  7. You did the right thing I hope everything turns out ok! much love
  8. Rainy


    I dont see a face try again
  9. Nugget flavour ice cream only
  10. Rainy

    The xG RPG

    Paul Blart and Asznee
  11. Rainy


    Can we make the furry react and negative one? Thanks.
  12. Rainy

    quick psa

    I would have to agree 100%. In between every sentence you say you have to add a "bunker is a good map lets go to that"
  13. Rainy


    ok thanks for this useful post
  14. Honestly this goodbye message touched me and i'm not even from csgo.. Farewell @Roy and you see you next time once you return hopefully.
  15. You forgot the hat and hair otherwise great job @Jadow
  16. Hell yes. Cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bunker
  17. Rainy


    -1 was DL before and really deserves it. He is extremely competent and did alot for the server
  18. Just burn all the money you make/steal and warm up
  19. back for good now guys ! give me admin

  20. What is the point of this thread?
  21. I would recommend that