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  1. Rainy

    The future of xG

    This was extremely funny. please dont do it again Thanks.
  2. Rainy

    Promotions and Demotions #207

    Congrats @SegFault glad to have been your friend for most of your journey. I know you'll be a good DM
  3. Rainy

    Fortnite (Don't lynch me please)

    I asked for a "indepth review" not this Couldnt agree more
  4. Rainy

    Fortnite (Don't lynch me please)

    I did not ask for this
  5. Rainy

    Rip mouse

    Unplug then replug it. Fixed
  6. Rainy

    xG Comp Team?

    We have plenty of people that are extremely good at the game but the problem is different regions. Having a higher ping while playing comp is going to be tough if you are actually trying to win rather than playing for fun on a xG server. As for classes I think there is a great diversity in xG, we have incredibly good Soldier, Demo, Sniper, Medic and Scout main in xG
  7. Rainy


    +1 has mic and mature
  8. Rainy

    Reiki (My customized Lucario)

    Thats really good but im curious as to what you used to draw it. Do you use a tablet or a mouse?
  9. Rainy

    Whats your favorite thing to do?

    Dab vigorously
  10. Rainy


    Im stealing all your bourbon
  11. Rainy


    -1, Extremely mature and caring for the community and has a mic. would be a good mod call me toxic again
  12. Rainy

    Dream Loadout

    My dream Demo set is: A purple energy Prince Tavish Crown Buck Turner's All Stars Dangeresque, Too? Made by @grap_grop and my dream Sniper set: Purple Energy Crocleather Slouch Bruiser's Bandanna Chronomancer Australium Sniper Rifle
  13. Rainy

    Typing for Garrett980838

    Great question. I'm wondering the same at this point
  14. Rainy

    add nuketown to tgh

    Thats a fair point we do have some small maps It wouldnt hurt to try it out so why not