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  1. Bruh idk if this is possible after so many dl switches. But there is still the raffle bot. Getting the info for the account idk, but if you can... add free item to server name and all the f2p come in. just save the hentai pins for me :^)
  2. Fix bunker. By adding one hallways so it’s less confusing :^)
  3. Combat Arms was great just for these kind of shit
  4. The unusual still fucken there with keys and my Strange Sydney sleeper. Gimme hentai pins. BRING BACK THE BOT FOR EZ LOOT
  5. Can we bring that giveaway bot that was long forgot 2 years ago cuz I want some free shit in dead server (including that free unusual hat that has yet to be claimed)
  6. Good business model shown through history.
  7. For 20 years, Yes. My heart is still beating and my brain is stil... nvm
  8. This is why I'm Monager. Staff but not staff :^)
  9. Spoopy

    Favorite Anime OPs

    Why shouldn't we watch lucky star foo fight you right now.
  10. Spoopy

    Favorite Anime OPs

    @Wave420_ Can't believe none of you guys put this one. Other than @Tatost taking away sakamoto that should be all the openings. if we allowing EDs
  11. Someone who’s [x] not a furry [x] not gay [x] not a weeb [x] not toxic made it to tf2 dm? It’s a fucken Christmas miracle.
  12. As we see now... the master samurai... off to his new adventure... legends say, that he still has him home on sand...
  13. Where’s my demotion for monager @SegFault had many discussion about this >:|