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  1. Miyukii


    -1 Just looking through your recent chat history it seems you still haven't manage to control your anger. lashing out on dying each time try and take your own advice by using !friendly command.
  2. Miyukii


    thank god you only play on surf server makes it easier for everyone else to not encounter you.
  3. got a lot of blood and its cold

  4. Miyukii

    Populate jailbreak?

    shadower you're on blue 80% of the time.
  5. Miyukii


    Never seen her on tgh ever, even though it's the only server i go on right next to pkmn trade and ff2. for my vouch, i'll keep it neutral since I never seen you in-game nor heard of you. Hopefully I can have a chance to see you in-game so that I can give you a proper vouch.
  6. Miyukii


    Quick question.. Do you just play on surf only or any other server cause I have never seen you in game or even recognize your alias.
  7. Miyukii

    It's time

    Never really had an discussion with you but I remember you from vsh when it was at its peak. hopefully you return one day.
  8. Miyukii

    Remove Cyberpunk 2_2

    +1 im down for this map to get removed
  9. Miyukii

    Henlo! (◕▿◕✿)

    welcome back huncho jack
  10. Miyukii

    Remember me?

    Welcome back Armin.
  11. where the old heads at

    1. Caleb956



  12. Miyukii

    Jailbreak Community Event Interest Check

    Ohh I actually might come back on the sever every once a week if jailbreak is back. The only thing I actually enjoyed. ?? Thug ninjas renuited @Bello