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  1. @Tekk is a wasteyute 🥰😍

    1. Tekk


      We using local slang? A'ight wetboy 😤

  2. Red


    What.. I technically spoiled it once cause I spoiled it in emojis then right after I just was naming random superhero’s from the movie which resulted in the ban but how come +1ing his app even though he did the exact same shit as me or probably worst (not sure)?? thats ridiculously if I have to wait my ban out then he does too. it’s almost been 3 weeks that I been serving -1
  3. Red


    Fuck no whoever +1 is a straight up goof -1
  4. Red


    What are you even talking about.. I only did it twice I don’t know what you mean about multiple times example 1: emojis to spoil the movie with a gun emoji example 2: me naming heros names but the discord ban is unrelated to how I act or do on the xg servers you can say discord is basically community hub where everyone can communicate + I don’t mind on waiting months even though I had a couple weeks to evaluate what I did, so yeah good luck
  5. Red


    Division Discord In-Game Name Red Identity N/A Ban Type Server Ban Information I spoiled endgame in emojis because I’m a fucking asshole and was warned and did it again and I’m ashamed at myself, I truly didn’t think it was that serious until I woke up and I realize I couldn’t argue with my fellow clan mates but I’ll like to say sorry for ruining anyone’s experience before watch endgame. ________________________________Red
  6. @SegFault I’m inactive and all my niggas dying left and right bruh. Did kamaal snitch on u??!?? in a serious note tho, you’re the dude who actually would stick up for me in the past and I hope that u comeback in the future cause you were a good ass dl. Wtf how come all the crazy shit happens when I’m dead.
  7. Red


    +1 All you need to do is get ownership of nuclear dawn and we’re set. a: 10 out of 9 m: 10 out of 9
  8. Red

    xG Meetup Chicago???

    Pull up pussy, I’m waiting 1025 Starr Road, Winnetka, IL 60093.
  9. I work at TD banks ?????
  10. okay okay jafari 1+ m: 7 a:8
  11. No label