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  1. Jaydow


    can we promote @Lottamos to dl now
  2. Jaydow


    +1 "Silence is the person marrying Rhododendron right?" - Goldfish
  3. Jaydow

    Minecraft Server

    If we're going to add thaumcraft can we get all if not most of the add ons if possible I want to go to hell again if I do join
  4. Jaydow

    Casual Boost

    He just sucks and want to walk through people irl too
  5. Jaydow

    Remove #shitposting from discord

    What if that's someone's fap material
  6. Jaydow

    Minecraft Server

    Wtf where Minecraft jailbreak?
  7. Jaydow

    Camping But Not in Secrets

    Warden should try other orders before doing so since it may have just not been heard.
  8. Jaydow

    Camping But Not in Secrets

    This also goes for when the last few t's are not following the orders like not answering a trivia for lr. Either slay both or if no staff are on just shoot them. Also @Lithium can we add a rule where if all t's (like 5+ or majority of the terrorist team) are not following wardens orders and the round cannot be proceeded a genocide may be permitted by the counter terrorists?
  9. Jaydow

    Promotions and Demotions #209

    Help im being cyberbullied
  10. Jaydow


    +1 we need more old fags
  11. Jaydow

    Casual Boost

    not actively participating plz ban bullseye
  12. Jaydow

    What is your least favorite map

    you said you just stopped lazy
  13. Jaydow

    What is your least favorite map

    where's ur map
  14. Jaydow

    How do you say DannyPastacio

    it's Dan-REEEE Bitch-stash-cheese-o
  15. Jaydow

    Views On Tarping?

    maybe for simons says we can allow tarping even if it's before 7 @Lithium