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Ideas for Jailbreak

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Looking into the top Jailbreak servers leads me to believe that many servers are advertising their custom skin commands and many people seem to flock to the servers because of their custom skin and knife capabilities. Considering that the current plugins on JB are not really attracting a large amount of daily players, why not give it a try? And also, maybe set the default map to vipinthemix, or another map that was popular when the server was populated. I know moonjail was popular but considering the current turnout this could be an easy change that might just be the one thing that keeps the small 1-3 people server from leaving due to the map. Might as well be worth a try, right?

Finally, some sort of weekly population event of jailbreak would actually be beneficial to the playerbase. I've brought it up multiple times but it seems to always be swept under the rug. 


@jaygoki @Bumpy @Jadow @Lithium @Aegean any of these possible?


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yeah, !ws isn't supposed to be a plugin anymore afaik. basically what danny said. if we can figure out what they're using to do that (and make sure that it's something that valve wont banhammer us for) I see no reason not to add it to our own server.

the default map keeps getting set to dust2 for some reason. dunno what the deal is. I set the starting map to vipinthemix just now, and hopefully it'll stay there. our maplist could probably do with some updating too (i.e. removing shitbox)

once we look into all of that and "revamp" jailbreak, so to speak, i think we could start thinking about pop events 

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