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    I decided to stew on this post for a bit before responding, and am glad that I did. I was not exactly sure how I would articulate my point that smaller, more tight knit communities (of which xG is not the only one) should not be compared to the larger ones that essentially run a(n) business/advanced daycare. As someone who was around in 2011/2012, to be honest I like the direction things have gone community wise. There is less drama, everyone, including the higherups, are more chill. Yeah, the servers are not popping 24/7 (at least for CS) like they were back in the day, but a large part of that is the diverse interest in games our community plays together. That being said, if we are speaking in terms of pure server population, then yeah a good chunk of what you said is true. There is definitely a lot of truth in the statement that higherups should try to run more pop events and communicate a bit better. But just to go over something important: The vast majority of higherups now-a-days are 21+, have full time/part time jobs/are in college (or a combination), and just in general have to juggle adult life with online responsibilities. I will be the first to admit that I have not gotten on the servers as much as I should. But to paint with such a broad brush, that 'if you have an active adult life you should not be in a position of power' is a bit nonsensical. Maybe that was not your point and you did not word your argument very well, but that is essentially how it read to me. This point is kind of muddied just solely on the point that discord is where most discussion takes place now. Back when we used teamspeak, and any really meaningful discussion pretty much had to occur on the forums, than this would be a good point. But now there are so many avenues for communication, that I would hardly call the forums the place communities get together. My understanding is that there is no reason to post promo demos unless there is actually something happening in that regard. So instead of just forcing it out, it is better to wait for some actual substance before posting it. So yeah. Despite what I wrote above, there is definitely some truth and rather reasonable criticism to your post. There is definitely more that we could be doing to help the servers. That was where I was going to leave it, till I realized I never addressed your last paragraph, which is a bit... much. I honestly have no idea what this is even referencing. If you have examples of us willingly and intentionally ignoring stuff, than that would have been nice to reference. No response to the meaningless excuse-making in the first half of this, but just to reiterate something. xG, as a community, is not dying. If you want to make the statement the servers are dead/dying, that is perfectly reasonable, but as the community currently stands the servers are more an extension of the community, not the core of it. This is where it gets weirder. Under what pretext would you assume that you would be banned for making this? To me, this seems like a desperate attempt to seem like your 'sticking it to the man regardless of the consequences' which is pretty weird considering none of the higherups would ban you for posting criticism. Whatever your intention was with this remark, it was severely out of place. I don't really care about the 'harsh' language, as if you feel that is how you want to get your point across, then go for it. But at any rate, your entire post, which absolutely did have some helpful and meaningful criticism got completely derailed by this final paragraph, which reads like a shitpost. I don't even see a point in its inclusion, but I digress. I have no personal issue with you, and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. If you ever do decide to return, you will be welcome. tl;dr xG is a community that has evolved with its playerbase. It is not dying, though we could be doing more to help server pop.
  2. The man, the meme, the legend. I have seen his behavior on the servers for a good while now, and some of it on discord. He is pretty mature, gets along with everyone pretty well, and personally I would love to give him a chance to see what he could do as staff. Given time I think he would make an excellent staff member. +1
  3. +1 Is a big brain boy, and has been staff for a hot minute so he already has an idea of what to do. Also has the trait of being able to swap between meme-lord and responsible decision maker as needed, which is great for this sort of position in particular. to summarize:
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    Unbanned! (welcome back nerd.) ~closed
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    Hoes mad

    Good bye and good luck wherever you end up. Might want to consider working on how you interact with other people.
  6. never change polar, never change. edit: +1 obviously
  7. download more ram. Serious answer: Check to see what other applications are eating through memory and close them. Chrome notoriously gobbles up memory like no tomorrow, so even smaller applications that may not be using a lot objectively, could be causing the issue.
  8. Seafood in nearly any style/form is my favorite. The only seafood I have ever tried and not enjoyed was Tuna, and even then I would be willing to give it another shot if cooked a certain way. If we are talking specifics, King Crab (or snow crab) with mashed potatoes and grilled broccoli was one of (and still continues to be) the best meal I have ever had. a man of culture. +1
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    *His ban was for freekilling, and @Genocide is the one banned him. Also: Steam Community :: Maxx STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM ːnukeː
  10. Going to remain neutral. I remember when you first joined the server, and to be honest the difference is night and day. However, I think you still need a little bit further to go before I am completely comfortable giving you a +1. I think you are well on your way, just a few things to improve on: Don't spam admin chat so much. Everyone likes to meme in it on occasion, but sometimes you can get out of hand. Try to tone down your toxicity some more. Not saying you can't be a toxic warden who kills half of the prisoners within the first thirty seconds of a round, but more as a player. Try to relax, have fun, and roll with the punches. Be more mindful of the rules. To be honest, you are MUCH better about this now, but you still do have some lapses as well as you sometimes make some questionable calls. Try to at least respect the other players and staff. This one is going to get you a lot farther than most everything else here. I really do think you can improve, and I encourage my fellow staff and members to try to keep in mind how far he has actually come compared to where he started. As far as I can tell this application is genuine, and he is on the servers quite a lot. Keep at it!
  11. Unless you have a real need to be constantly moving your setup around, a desktop is the more viable and cost-effective option for gaming. Besides the fact they are much easier to build and upgrade, there are an insane amount of builds you can find on sites like pcpartpicker, with a variety of price points and build qualities. Take it from someone who's first gaming pc was a garbo laptop that had trouble running css and gmod, moving to desktop was amazing. If you are constantly on the move, than a laptop may be more your speed and would make more sense, but I have no idea if that is the case for you.
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    Holy shit, welcome back. Was actually one of the lads who +1ed your original member app way back in the day. (Colorful Dot back then)
  13. +1 Absolute legend. Besides some trolling (already mentioned by @Duke and partly by @SegFault), he would honestly make a great addition to our staff roster. Even on the few occasions he is toxic he makes it pretty obvious he is joking, and knows when to pump the brakes (especially when told to.) tl;dr go read Seg's post. p.s. please don't drink and moderate, we finally got @Arthman to stay at least semi-sober when he is on the servers
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    +1 gave me powers on his discord just to dunk on nerds. Has a proven track record. If he thinks he can handle staff in four (really three, if we are being honest), than why not? He does spread out between a lot of different games as it is. I don't see much of an issue as long as he is honest if it gets too overwhelming.
  15. +1, was one of the few lads from last night that actually followed rules and did not behave like complete buffoons. From what I can tell, is fairly active, and has the maturity needed to be member. A: read above M: read above @Dannypicacho
  16. Work at a boarding facility at an animal hospital. Think doggy/kitty hotel motel. Has eaten up a significant portion of my time lately, and this week being spring break in my area, means we have about 75 dogs. Only three people (total) work in my department. Imagine walking/feeding/watering/cleaning up after 75 dogs. If that is not enough, around christmas/new years we can get into the 90s and have even broken 100 at a couple points. This job has made me hate holidays. Though, the rest of the time it is not all that bad, just sucks never having enough people. pretty much this, except it is not a shelter.
  17. Wholesome af. For me, those of you who knew me way back in the day likely knew me as Colorful Dot. That name came from the previous alias Red Dot. Topaz came from a desire to change things up, as I had become tired of Colorful Dot, and it also happens that it is my birth-stone/gem (only found out about it years later, but funny coincidence.) As far as my current alias, TOPE, is concerned. Well, a very, very good friend of mine started calling me that, and it stuck. @syN_ rest in peace buddy, you will forever be missed.
  18. Would prob be better to put it in there.
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    What exactly was this thread meant to accomplish? From what I have seen so far it has just been a bunch of petty back-and-forth 'you're wrong, here's why!' I am all for constructive criticism, but this seems far too public for something of this nature. Before I go any further, I was not there when this happened, I just read through the chat after the fact. (Jesus christ.) But because I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night, suppose I should just get the highlight reel going. @Rabid respect is a two way street, while staff absolutely have an obligation to at the very least act respectful towards members and players, the same is true for members towards staff. I know that a lot of what people take away as you being 'toxic' is just the way that you naturally type/talk, but even still you can get a little overzealous and this situation is a good example of it. But it was his response that resulted in the mute. The only thing I can agree on was that the mute was a bit impulsive and not evenly distributed given the shitshow that was above it. Nonetheless, it was not really taking the context away, as long as you actually read what was in this entire thread above it. wat. To be perfectly clear, I do agree that staff should not engage in stupid/petty arguments. That being said, it has to stop at some point, and using his powers is a sure fire way of doing it. If steven had an issue with that, well, just use DMs. In fact, that is kind of a recurring theme for most the the issues here. But I digress. This may just be semantics, but I believe most of us can distinguish the difference between a civil debate and a childish argument. Right, but if the channel becomes flooded with petty responses and points that equate to non-starters, that is spam. Just reading through the logs kind of shows that is exactly what it turned into. On both sides. Two people (one of which apparently later rescinded his comment after realizing a warning had occured) does not make a majority. Pretending like there was unwavering support against the mute when in reality only small handful of people cared either way may as well be a lie. Bruh. Actually do agree with this, no matter how heated things are, as long as the time function is working you should have fixed it and perhaps elaborated a bit more on your mute reason. @Tatost Okay. okay. So. I once again have to ask why a thread like this was even made, given the vast majority of things here could have been said in DMs. Just feels like a weird attempt at a public shaming for something that was not even a big deal to begin with. To conclude, stop acting like children. @everyone should treat @everyone with respect. Y'all know better than this, no need to be best friends with each other but hot damn. Please do take a step back and look at how weirdly petty this entire thread looks. Unless for some reason higherups feel like some sort of action should be taken against @hongkongatron and @Tatost, than perhaps this should be closed?
  20. I just got a pair of Steelseries Arctis 5, and they are dope as hell. @SegFault is also a Steelseries boi.
  21. +1 I believe in you brother.
  22. oh god this is still open? @Jadow @Bonk I somehow doubt we will be seeing those epic 4k screenshots, not to mention this shit is long done.
  23. this should probably go in TF2 discussion, also @SegFault, @Caleb956, @Tekk, @Kypari, and/or any other relevant tf2 nerd who wants to chime in.