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  1. Sleep deprivation is the best kind of deprivation ?

  2. I say get rid of the normal dances and make them do one monotonous dance for twenty to thirty minutes straight. This is because all the other challenges are either hard or time consuming. Why should this on be too?
  3. There should be a few. Pretty sure one of the higher ups does stuff like that since they help with server plug ins and the likes. Its also a very large community so I’m sure that someone else is into it. Members, mods, etc. I personally suck at it Lmao ?
  4. I must not have worded that right then, sorry bout that. I meant surf exclusively since I still believe that the crits add something to the game. What that is I don’t think I could explain very well except for the word charm. It adds its own unique spin to a first person shooter and is one of many things that makes the game it’s own.
  5. -0.5? While it does put a skill barrier into the game, It still can be very fun and potentially life saving for your character. After all everyone has an equal opportunity to get them as long as you play right and do damage. I do understand the randomness factor can be a bit dumb to get killed by so in my opinion it should be removed from weapons entirely (obviously if they aren’t already) but keep them on weapons so the market pan can still be a thing. After all it’s not csgo comp but surf Tf2
  6. That moment when your supposed to be doing class work but your on the forums instead ?

    1. Precious


      okay this is epic ?

  7. Queelsh


    Minecraft division is starting up again I’m pretty sure, so if you wanna go play in there the ip is probably somewhere on the forums. Ill see you on surf later my dude.
  8. Queelsh


    -1 They followed what they were supposed to do and (like many other people have said) any other person would have been permed. I would just take the L and do an unban challenge, The pizza one seems really fun =D and you can stay on the servers with us. Good luck though with the rest of your protest. Putting more evidence will make your viewpoint a lot stronger and more reasonable, its always worth it to give at least something.
  9. 023862AD-335C-4DE6-8CB0-3EACD78A5B7D.jpeg.516d9c59818f70503e4cbc283eb9763b.jpeg

    nothing wrong about this

  10. happy early birthday

    1. Queelsh


      Happy early birth day to you my friend =D

    2. Tatost


      fuckin' stalker

  11. Hey @Arthman, I’ve got member now so if you wanna talk on discord just add me. AlsoQueelsh#0567
  12. What’s up dawg, When my mom turns my internet back on and gets me a new Ethernet cord I’ll play on surf with you!
  13. Queelsh

    Cinematic threads

    Yeah, like I said it may turn out better than I think it would but look at the different topics you listed. They all are, to say the least a bit unused. Adding another one probably won’t be a extremely populated category in the long run. It would be used for the first month or two then kind of die off. idk though, it wouldn’t hurt to add it in for a bit and tip fit is inactive then just get rid of it or leave it there just Incase seomeone does want to use it.