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  1. +1 Not Toxic, should try to take warden when on guard
  2. count me in i will be out in the first round
  3. I agree +1 but sometimes he will forget rules
  4. Roadrunner


    -1 definitely does not know the rules yet takes warden anyways A:6 M:5
  5. Roadrunner

    Roblox Server

    Hello, I think we should start a roblox server. This server would be much like counter blox roblox offensive, but for xG. It would attract many players of the roblox community.
  6. since when a few months ago a lot of servers used it
  7. jb_arcade argario is broken kills everyone
  8. Minimum age = 13 Please wait 30 days before reapplying @Lithium @virr