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TF is nuclear dawn tho

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4 hours ago, Tatost said:

"Wow! What is this game? I wonder if I should look it up like a normal human being? No, that shit is for pussies. I'm going to make an entire thread about it!"

what was the actual reason of making this .-.

that sick forum spam for mod app is why my dude

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28 minutes ago, DepressedNeonNepp said:

Funny how people think I'm going to apply again when I'm hated in the community.

Know what makes me think people would respect me as mod? My -20 rep!

I don't think people hate you, I certainly don't. I just think you need to stop spamming because it's kind of annoying

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8 minutes ago, DepressedNeonNepp said:

People certainly do!

If you talked to most people they would probably respond "oh THAT piece of shit"

Maybe, but that doesn't mean they hate you. If you hate someone solely because they spammed the forums, then they're a very hateful person because that's a silly reason to hate someone. Hell, I don't hate many people at all, and even some people I don't get along with I don't necessarily hate.

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