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  3. ScottNi


    I believe there was an accidental mass that occurred that @Emmetion was talking about on Discord. Don't worry its only a week CT ban.
  4. endgame is ass


    enders game is better no cap

  5. DC rules and Marvel drools.... so no.
  6. Y'all serious w/ the gravedigging? Cmon y'all
  7. It was set to 5, not 4, but I bumped it up to 6 now (on jb and surf).
  8. I still have 12k and was planning on donating for the donator status or whatever and more creds to keep up on treasure hunts lol
  9. boy do i have news for you buster brown
  10. I don’t exactly have a lot of server creds since I only just recently started playing but this is definitely something down @Bonk‘s alley in terms of enforcing it. I would be down for hosting/helping host.
  11. Hes saying how many maps before a map can be voted for again not the time to rtv or map time
  12. Duke

    xG Gamer Revival

    see how far being my jr will get you when im on the servers
  13. What you could do is talk to @hongkongatron and set it up as a community event and have staff on to help enforce rules like that for the event and do it once a week as a pop jb event kind of thing, I'd be willing to help staff it as well.
  14. Does anyone remember a map where there was it was set in a space like dimension and there was different color tiles you could jump on and a church along with a portal that took you to another part of the map?

  15. ScopeyDope


    Welp im getting banned cheers everyone
  16. Yesterday
  17. So I came up with this little activity for people to hunt for credits by finding me and another guard that have a bounty I set during reverse hide n seek, the first time it was great people had fun and someone earned 1500 credits but this last time the kids (other cts) call out the location of the ones with the bounties which defeats the whole purpose of the treasure hunt. Could there be a "no snitching/pinging location" rule enforced when I decide to do "treasure hunts"?
  18. Dude, same! If you said no, I probably would have had to suck your dick.
  19. adding a longer wait btwn rtv's won't encourage different maps, it'll just take longer to switch. if you have suggestions for new maps we're more than happy to hear them
  20. mrnutty12


    +1 taught me a smoke
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