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  2. The only true way is from the cow's titty.
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  5. Chrono

    I'm famous bois

    right now, dm_rust, scout only 360 no scopes off the top
  6. Pavlov VR on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Pavlov is a multiplayer shooter for the HTC Vive. Pavlov - VR Master League VRMASTERLEAGUE.COM Home of the VRML Pavlov competitive gaming. The VR Master League supports a variety of games for all VR headsets (e.g. Vive, Oculus, Pimax) and offers prizes for the very best teams. It is free to...
  7. Crona

    Portal 2 Division

    +1 as long as there is a competitive Gelocity race server
  8. finally, the promotion I've always been waiting for
  9. SegFault

    I'm famous bois

    Bet, any time you wanna throw down, your ass is grass
  10. Chrono

    I'm famous bois

    i'm offended you said he shouldn't be offended. 1v1 me on scrim.
  11. congralatons no nw jobb @johnGait42
  12. Pretty sure everyone is better off joining another clan and have access to most of the blueprints, im pretty sure none of us are going to be active so it's going to be 1-2 people supplying for the entire clan
  15. You degenerates make fun of me for supposedly storing milk in bags but you put milk in CARDBOARD BOXES!!!
  16. This best thing in history of world.
  17. LETS GO BOYS @Caleb956 Where the hell is my promotion
  18. ill try to make it next time guys. sorry
  19. Arguably the most cursed post yet most holy post I have ever seen on these forums, great job @Caleb956!
  20. Sorry for missing last promo demo, everybody! Won't happen again! Promotions TF2 @Meaty from Moderator to Honorary Assistant to the DL @SegFault from Jew to Jew @ABlueSkittle123 from Moderator to Terraria @Caleb956 Transcended to Sand General @virr from Paid non-member to Robot @Kypari from Lad to Brit @Tekk from Division Manager to Brit @Chrono from *insert position here* to Crusader @YeEternalTuna from Discord Moderator to Discord God @Segal from Member to XenoGamers Clan Content Creator in the year of 2019 Demotions @mrnutty12 from Division Leader to Troll @Aegean from Paid non member to Paid non member Congratulations to those who were promoted this Promo/Demo! This is a reminder to those who have newly gained access as a Paid non member to leave your STEAM IDs posted below in the comment section below to ensure the distribution of powers as soon as possible. Teamspeak 3 is also now a requirement to staff, make sure you're in it! We would also like to congratulate the following people as new members of xenoGamers clan! #MakexGGreatAgain
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