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  1. Rainy

    Hello xG

  2. Rainy


    Can we make the furry react and negative one? Thanks.
  3. Rainy


    Ill kick and ban perm
  4. Rainy

    quick psa

    I would have to agree 100%. In between every sentence you say you have to add a "bunker is a good map lets go to that"
  5. Rainy


    ok thanks for this useful post
  6. Rainy

    Fair well xG...

    Honestly this goodbye message touched me and i'm not even from csgo.. Farewell @Roy and you see you next time once you return hopefully.
  7. Rainy

    Edits of Danny's profile picture

    You forgot the hat and hair otherwise great job @Jadow
  8. Rainy

    Regarding Map Votes

    Hell yes. Cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bunker
  9. Rainy


    -1 was DL before and really deserves it. He is extremely competent and did alot for the server
  10. Rainy

    Selfie Sunday

    Just burn all the money you make/steal and warm up
  11. back for good now guys ! give me admin

  12. Rainy

    Is it gamer time yet?

    What is the point of this thread?
  13. Rainy

    Selfie Sunday

    I would recommend that
  14. Rainy

    Remove trade_delfino_airstrip_b3

    I legit like it no jokes
  15. Rainy

    goldenrod city

    No one knows it just died and TGH took its place. I really hope that it gets populated again it was really fun