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  1. Goblins

    What's your favorite drink?

    At least you didn't say Busch was better, then we'd have to fight.
  2. Goblins

    What's your favorite drink?

    Alcoholic: Bud Light Non-alcoholic: Bud Light GOD BLESS AMERICA
  3. My 2018 "Spotify Wrapped" top artist was $uicideboy$. Bless 😎

    1. Kypari


      Mine was Disturbed because I have my spotify on shuffle like 99% of the day and Disturbed is the band with the most songs on my spotify. I DON'T EVEN ACTIVELY TRY TO LISTEN TO THEM 😞

  4. Goblins

    Stepping down

    You meant to say Bello. It's okay, we forgive you.
  5. Goblins

    Best juul pod = mint, chnge my mind

    Wow, fuck you man. I'm trying to quit smoking. Because you said this, I'm gonna do meth now. Also fruit medley is best, but you kid retards ruined that for the ones actually using them.
  6. Goblins

    Maplestory 2

    The game has been out for a couple weeks now and I've been enjoying it heavily. How are you guys fairing with it? Post your characters IGN, world you're on, and a screenshot of your paperdoll. iGoblin - NA East
  7. Goblins


    I know that, bud. Not worth the effort when their decision is set in stone.
  8. Goblins


    I was going to type something out, but it's not worth it. +1 for unban or shorten the ban length.
  9. Goblins

    Osrs mobile

    Hang out near the fountain in Varrock with you e-girl and follow each other. Flex on the f2p's. Also add me: Politicize
  10. Goblins

    On "Invisible Promotions"

    Having people apply for staff is the better move here. Making people fill out an application gives everyone the better idea that someone wants to become staff. Everyone can share their input over the applicant and give a better idea to the higher-ups if the person is truly qualified (i.e. not toxic, active, etc.). Applications create more transparency in the community as well. Let's say that Tatost applies for staff (lol) and Bagel isn't too fond of the idea. Bagel has had issues with Tatost in the past or they just have beef with each other, we can deal with the issue right then are there basically. If we set it to only applications, obviously the requirements would change. Less forum posts needed. Also, why the hell do we let people under 14-years-old get the slide by for staff if they don't apply? If the application says that you need to be a certain age, why isn't it the same for invisible promotions?
  11. It's like there is only handicap parking around here.
    I swear.

  12. Goblins

    Hello again.

    Nice selective reading.
  13. Goblins

    Hello again.

    I'm saying that she shouldn't get staff back right away. She should fall into the guidelines that higher-ups look for and become staff again later or, or apply like everyone else. To quote what I said from her leaving thread: "It honestly bothers me how people leave, comeback, and expect their spot back. Let other people have a chance to show what they can do." It's fine that if she wanted staff again, that she can eventually receive it. It's just ridiculous to make the statement sounding like she can instantly get staff after leaving/coming back. I'd rather not clutter the thread with any more unnecessary posts. If you feel like you want to discuss this more, I will gladly talk it out in private messages, Tekage.
  14. Goblins

    Hello again.

    She can honestly apply for staff like the rest of the people who leave and come back a month later.
  15. Goblins

    Maplestory 2

    Making alts is super helpful in this game. Make a couple and do tronix runs on those as well. You can easily get to 2.1k GS this month.
  16. Goblins


    Didn't even see this before. PropaneSales's profile | osu! OSU.PPY.SH osu! - Everything you ever wanted to know about PropaneSales! I need to start playing again. Like really badly.
  17. Goblins

    Selfie Sunday

    Anyone else think that lasagna is the only food?
  18. Goblins

    Good Mobile Games

    Like Tekage said, Pokemon Go is a good option. Other ones I play daily are: Fate/GO, FE:Heroes, Girl's Frontline, Honkai Impact 3, Azur Lane, and Dragalia Lost. Honkai Impact 3 might be the best choice since it always has stuff to do.
  19. Goblins

    Does anyone hink im decent?

    Implying that any threads made in the past few months had any substance.
  20. Goblins


    No reason to be a cock over something you dislike. Keep that shitty attitude out of here.
  21. Goblins


    You're all acting like it's the end of the world. Chill out. None of you guys have really gave a good input to be against the bot. The only somewhat good reason I saw was from MJP, and even then you can just mute the channel(s) and hide them. They'll be out of your way and it won't be cluttered. Yeah the discord is to communicate, but having bots the enhance socialization around us, damage us? No. It's a shame we all have different interests People that have alike interests help us prosper. People enjoy the games in the community, so we talk about it. Why not add something else? It's one more bot and I don't think it will hurt anyone. It'd be a nice addition to be honest. For those who talk in #anime a lot.
  22. Goblins


    Everyone becomes member to become staff someday. Even the members that are floating around the servers want to become staff I’m sure. Real talk though, I can’t vouch for you since I don’t play surf to really see you. However, you seem like a pretty reasonable guy. It seems like you’re trying for another chance, but are getting pushed away. I’m honestly sorry. Best of luck on your application, bud.
  23. Goblins

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    Sesh is more so talking about the Twitter community, not Twitter's TOS. The Twitter community will tear someone apart if they even attempt to make a joke or post something even slightly offensive to some minority that no one really knows.
  24. Goblins

    Fortnite (Don't lynch me please)

    I love shitposts!
  25. Goblins

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    I doubt people would leave over banning a word (which still shouldn’t be banned). It’ll just leave a disgusting taste in a decent amount of the population’s mouth. Queen, can I ask if there was previous incidents where you were attacked by players using “faggot”?