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  1. The only true way is from the cow's titty.
  2. In order to play online, you'll have to get Nintendo Online. I'm down for this though. Would it have the same rules as a normal smash tournament though?
  3. Yeah, it was you and I as DM, and Bello as our German DL.
  4. Goblins

    Its cold

    Still doesn't change the fact that it's fucking freezing.
  5. Goblins

    Favorite Anime OPs

    None of these are in sorted in any order.
  6. Bluemoon, meth, bubblegum, and mint chocolate chip. Can't tell me otherwise.
  7. Oh boy, I found out something super cool! On almost any map(I use Great Bay), you can use Isabelle to fish! Just throw her fishing rod into the water and you'll get fish! I got level 99 fishing in just under a week by grinding everyday. Made about 500k/hr as well! Very cool!
  8. Quoting myself from the last thread: "Can we just keep the basis that if someone is harassing someone, we punish them? Can we also keep in mind that the people are behind a monitor acting all tough; Literally ignore them. Punish them if they're harassing someone/you. How hard is that?" This thread has been made before. See here:
  9. Goblins

    Last comment wins V2

    Someone had paint chips for breakfast.
  10. I'm just a radda with a rocket launcher.
  11. At least you didn't say Busch was better, then we'd have to fight.
  12. Alcoholic: Bud Light Non-alcoholic: Bud Light GOD BLESS AMERICA
  13. My 2018 "Spotify Wrapped" top artist was $uicideboy$. Bless 😎

    1. Kypari


      Mine was Disturbed because I have my spotify on shuffle like 99% of the day and Disturbed is the band with the most songs on my spotify. I DON'T EVEN ACTIVELY TRY TO LISTEN TO THEM 😞

  14. You meant to say Bello. It's okay, we forgive you.
  15. Wow, fuck you man. I'm trying to quit smoking. Because you said this, I'm gonna do meth now. Also fruit medley is best, but you kid retards ruined that for the ones actually using them.
  16. Goblins


    I know that, bud. Not worth the effort when their decision is set in stone.
  17. Goblins


    I was going to type something out, but it's not worth it. +1 for unban or shorten the ban length.
  18. Goblins

    Osrs mobile

    Hang out near the fountain in Varrock with you e-girl and follow each other. Flex on the f2p's. Also add me: Politicize
  19. Having people apply for staff is the better move here. Making people fill out an application gives everyone the better idea that someone wants to become staff. Everyone can share their input over the applicant and give a better idea to the higher-ups if the person is truly qualified (i.e. not toxic, active, etc.). Applications create more transparency in the community as well. Let's say that Tatost applies for staff (lol) and Bagel isn't too fond of the idea. Bagel has had issues with Tatost in the past or they just have beef with each other, we can deal with the issue right then are there basically. If we set it to only applications, obviously the requirements would change. Less forum posts needed. Also, why the hell do we let people under 14-years-old get the slide by for staff if they don't apply? If the application says that you need to be a certain age, why isn't it the same for invisible promotions?
  20. It's like there is only handicap parking around here.
    I swear.

  21. I'm saying that she shouldn't get staff back right away. She should fall into the guidelines that higher-ups look for and become staff again later or, or apply like everyone else. To quote what I said from her leaving thread: "It honestly bothers me how people leave, comeback, and expect their spot back. Let other people have a chance to show what they can do." It's fine that if she wanted staff again, that she can eventually receive it. It's just ridiculous to make the statement sounding like she can instantly get staff after leaving/coming back. I'd rather not clutter the thread with any more unnecessary posts. If you feel like you want to discuss this more, I will gladly talk it out in private messages, Tekage.
  22. She can honestly apply for staff like the rest of the people who leave and come back a month later.