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  1. drink water

  2. guys the satanic bible is free to download on google y'all should read it

  3. So what are y'all doing for the fourth of July?

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    2. Tatost


      killing the retards that were setting off fireworks last night before the 4th of july even fucking started.

    3. Roy


      Playing R6S with my friends in platinum and eat burgers 🍔.

      How is your Fourth of July going @YeEternalTuna?

    4. YeEternalTuna


      It was pretty epic. I got to light up a crap ton of fireworks and I burnt the tip of my thumb with the sparks while doing so.

  4. Holy fucking shit how many times do I have to tell you to DRINK YOUR GOD DAMN WATER GAMER!!! 

    1. Bumpy


      you are not my mom 😠

    2. YeEternalTuna


      well starting today, I AM!!! DRINK UP CHILD!!

    3. Dannypicacho


      tuna's piss is yellow!!!

  5. Guys, I cannot stress this enough but you MUST drink your recommended daily amounts of water!!! It's important to keep yourself hydrated everyday!!


    1. Tatost
    2. Egossi


      Yeah shut the fuck up

    3. LeaveMyComputerOn


      You should listen, I went a week without drinking anything but pop, beer, and slush when I went to cuba, turns out you need to drink water and oh boy, I had to take a week off to "settle my nausea".

  6. Fun fact: it takes about 3-5 days for one to die of dehydration, and it isn't a fun process! Make sure you drink water everyday gamers!!

  7. just popped in to remind yall to drink your daily amount of water

    1. Reptile


      Thanks I drowned

  8. bruh moment

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    2. YeEternalTuna


      idk I'm just bruh

    3. realBelloWaldi
    4. Dannypicacho


      In the middle ages it was believed that a minute is made up for 40 moments. If you have 40 bruh moments, you've officially had a bruh minute.

  9. no more joking in THIS household

  10. I swear, no one understands sarcasm anymore 

    1. Precious


      I'm offended by this

  11. water = gamer fuel

  12. [obligatory new years message]

    1. Chaonic


      [Copy-pasted wishes in a format, clearly not written by me]

  13. water is great

    y'all should try it out sometime

    1. realBelloWaldi



      More than six million people in the US are drinking water that contains poisonous industrial chemicals linked with cancer and...

      Doesn't sound so great!

    2. Chaonic


      Dihidrogen monoxide has been found in 100% of all tumors.
      By now, most water supplies in the US are contaminated with it.
      I'm just glad, I live in the EU.

  14. big chungus has been and never will be funny

  15. people who have santa hats in their pfp deserve severe punishment of the unusual kind

    1. Kypari


      alright you fucking grinch

    2. bagggel


      green and salty just like my nuts come see the grinch theatres 2018

  16. Christmas eggnog 

  17. drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth

  18. pink eye

    1. Tatost


      I cannot get sick right now, I just can't!