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  1. Whats with all the dabbing Ness's?
  2. Kart

    Memory Lane

    I remember all the shitposts in Bach's Team Speak. Such great moments as finding out silence had an unusual curve to his dick, or that Whyte slept naked with some dude in a sleeping bag, or all of the bikie wars mic spamming, who could forget all the times Bach would cum at the sight of Macho Man Randy Savage. I also remember like joining this community when I was like 12 because I was like "I like Zelda, Oh hey look a clock town server" some say that's where Karts story ended, others say that's where it began. I also remember when Egossi would talk about sucking keemstars dick. Good times, good times.
  3. +1 Hell yeah is this Jewish son of a female dog a good fit for staff, he is a jive crackajack and like stated before he is acting like a motherfucker. and he is also a pretty mature dude oh and did I mention he is Canadian so that's an A+ in my books, but who reads books nowadays anyway? and if you are chill enough with him he will smoke up with you and give you some stogies. sorry, this is a shitpost but actually, he is a great dude and I have known him for like 4+ years and like trust me when I say this he would be a fantastic person for the position of staff. M - 8/10 A - 10/10
  4. Kart

    Doggo Tuesday

    That's the point we want cats to hate Mondays even more
  5. Kart

    Doggo Tuesday

    I vote we change this to "Mondoggo Mondays" because who hates Mondays? Garfield. What is Garfield? a cat, but what do dogs hate? cats, so putting the doggo day on Monday will make Garfield even more upsetti spaghetti about Mondays.
  6. I mean it's a slur because of the backing behind the word. The word itself isn't the problem but how it was used in the past is the reason for it being a slur. Like yeah, the word was kinda flipped by the black community the same can be said for "Faggot" and the gay community but that doesn't make the word not offensive to people.
  7. The ability to spin three fidget spinners at once.
  8. Kart

    Xg Merchandise

    can I get an xG brand dildo? It can even be a plaster mold of Silence's curved sword.
  9. nice jewfro my dude.
  10. Havel's ring. Ring of Favour and Protection. Stamina, Health, Endurance. EVERYTHING you could ever want!
  11. The legend never dies.
  12. @Shwoos My dude of all things why would you want to eat random food that some cracked out homeless man put in your car?
  13. Kart

    Suggest Help

    Watch Shrek 2, but only Shrek 2... and maybe the Shrek Musical.
  14. There is a N you just gotta look hard mate. You have to believe its there.