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  1. This rule has been absent from TGH for so long that I forget its still a thing on pokemon and I have been warned since its second nature to me at this point to not care if its a tele or not. This rule really shouldn't be different between the two servers and have no clue why it has been for this long.
  2. +1 Seabed takes the bad of bunker (all of it) and multiplies 10 times. long hallways with little fighting areas.
  3. +1 the map is truly awful to play on, all it boils down to is red camping the pipe and blue being too scared to go through it, this leads to neither team having any fun.
  4. Frusty


    +1 Unless you guys get the other demo working and it shows harder evidence I believe this was just a case of jumping the gun. Inconsistent aiming is hardly proof of some one hacking. I don't know about maf but it takes me a while to get into the full swing of aiming properly. Also "could have been" isn't an argument.
  5. Frusty


    so far these demos don't prove much of anything. Could you tell me a time stamp in these videos that show what you mean by "walling" and "aimbotting"? also correct me if I'm wrong but I thought quick spawning was allowed as long as you don't cptele into combat.
  6. Frusty

    My Application!

    Hello caleb I hear you are very dedicated to sand and I would love to +1 you for the position!!!!! But always remember the sacred video:
  7. Seabed takes the bad of bunker and amplifies it by 10 times. It takes forever to find anyone, low ceilings, and just kinda boring to play on. +1
  8. I get most of my music from video games since that's my biggest hobby. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvug9_xljlY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7zsfoZ5Fgk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FThxlFdZqHo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQYCu5EZOGI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqJfqIwpXZ8
  9. +1Inkopolis is absolutely terrible and should have been removed earlier.
  10. 100% down for it. Jailbreak is where I first discovered xG, which is why I always have a soft spot for it.
  11. I personally wouldn't mind a world reset, but I also haven't spent hours upon hours grinding. I feel like there should be something for those who have spent a lot of their free time on mcmmo. Having all their work taken away would most likely lead to some of the regulars just up and stop playing. Personally this would make me interested in the server again, since I've done everything I wanted to do in the old world.
  12. He also said he would leave it to the tf2 higher ups. I have no problem with him skipping to admin if the community likes him enough, but it is kinda unfair to those who tried before to skip past moderator. If the tf2 highers ups say that he can skip past moderator then others should have been given that chance aswell. Anyway as I've said egossi definitely deserves the position but we need the tf2 higher ups to chime in.
  13. This really should be addressed before we go much farther. Anyway egossi is a pretty cool guy, knows the rules (obviously) and is starting to get his activity up, he definitely should get a staff position. +1