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  1. It's been real my friends, but its time for me to peace out


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    2. -Diphikult


      Much like Jesus, difi forgives

      Come here my disciples, let us bid virr a safe trip

    3. Dannypicacho
    4. Jadow


      bring back some bagged milk

  2. Going to visit @Aegean in the land of bagged milk and gravy covered cheese fries : ) Leaving tomorrow and I'll probably be around on discord sorta daily as I cant put my phone down. I'll be back on the 31st!
  3. virr


    hey you cant do that. glad to see you guys pop in ~closed for realsies
  4. Promotions TF2 @ABlueSkittle123 from Moderator to Administrator @Thorax_ from Member to Administrator CS:GO @Bumpy from Member to Moderator @onlyalittlegay from Member to Moderator GMOD @Segal from Member to Division Leader Other @Dannypicacho from snow mexican to xG Overlord Demotions TF2 @Krampus from Administrator to Member (Stepped Down) @Ms.Spooks from Administrator to Member (Stepped Down) @QueenOfHearts from Moderator to Member (Stepped Down) Other @Dannypicacho from xG Overlord to whatever he was before (happy birthday :)) Congratulations to those who were promoted this Promo/Demo! This is a reminder to those who have newly gained access as a Moderator to leave your STEAM IDs posted below in the comment section below to ensure the distribution of powers as soon as possible. Discord is also now a requirement to staff, make sure you're in it! We would also like to congratulate the following people as new members of xG! @Hkledor @Dee Welcome!
  5. I personally believe that you should avoid repicks unless theres a super valid reason to. If teams are unbalanced (which shouldn't happen that often with experienced captains, but as a theoretical) the game should be over pretty quickly and its not worth the headache to try and balance teams mid game. (unless theres another reason to bring in other players, like if we need a sub) Probably team dependent, some people like to sweat out and do well while some are more casual. What i do want to make clear is that if you are going to meme or do deagle only or something, PLEASE make sure EVERYONE on your team is okay with it before doing so. I don't think we need a set day for it, but if majority agrees it should be fine to pull them out occasionally imo. Not sure what would happen. They're pretty controversial guns in general so i think its better if they stay banned, but i don't have strong feelings either way. People do freak out if you get killed by it though, which is pretty funny. EDIT: forgot this one oops If they have a legitimate reason for leaving, nothing. If someone leaves repeatedly i wouldn't be opposed a ban/blacklist.
  6. Insane gravedig that i hid, apologies!
  7. I have a pair of Audio technica AD700X's that i used while i lived alone, but since i don't want my parents to hear whatever degenerate shit I'm listening to so I'm currently on a pair of M50X's. I'd always recommend getting a pair of actual headphones and a standalone microphone over "gaming" ones, just because the quality is that much better.
  8. virr

    Young Julian.

    A lot of words are pretty similar to swedish so i can actually piece together a couple sentences. Super cool! fuck denmark
  9. virr

    Optimal Mouse DPI

    800 DPI, .9 ingame in CS, 2.5 in apex. Mouse is a g502 @-Diphikult
  10. If you're eating by your PC, chopsticks or a spoon is the superior utensil to avoid greasy fingers. if im not then i just stuff my face usually.
  11. virr


    I think the general consensus is that you did spam and while you might have not noticed the warning, its not bonks or anyone else's fault that you missed it. I agree that there might've been some injustice in how things were dealt with, but i was asleep when this happened, so i cant tell for sure. Either way i don't think this is enough for any action to be taken, but it's good you made a report regardless. No action will be taken against @Bonk. ~closed
  12. virr

    CS Setups

    .9 800 DPI is the way to go. 1.2 if you're feeling frisky
  13. staff that never applied gang
  14. Hey everyone! It's been a while since we did one of these, and that will hopefully change in the future as we do want to bring monthly updates back in some capacity. If you have any suggestions let me know! Discord: Since the last update post, a few things have happened. We've added a couple more moderators, in the form of @Tatost and @hongkongatron! Hong in particular has been a big reason for the comeback of community nights and he will therefore be rocking a "Community Organizer" tag. They're not unfamiliar faces around here and I know they're both going do a great job, so please give them a warm welcome! On the discord itself, a few things have happened. The interface in the #roles channel have been given a well needed facelift and now looks super fancy. A member counter, requested by @Thorax_ has also been added, check it out in the #rules-faq channel! We're also adding a new channel to give members and friends of xG a chance to add some flair to their name (Moss green really does suck after a year or two of seeing it). This feature will be released sometime in the coming week, but here's a sneak peek in the meantime. Huge thanks to @Segal for all help hes brought to the table to make it happen! Keep in mind that you either need to have either a "Friend of xG" or a "Member" role in order to use this channel when it launches, so make sure you link your xG account to Discord or message @virr to get yourself hooked up! Have a great sunday and hope to see you on the cord!
  15. virr


    Welcome! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need help!