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    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name ❦?Juice?❦ Identity STEAM_1:1:99608324 Ban Type Server Ban Information I was banned for scripting, which in my case is a bhop script I have sense talk to some people of the Xeno community. I have come to accept why I have been banned, also I have deleted the ahk files and script executer from my computer. I can see why I have been banned. I would like to apologize to everyone who I have bested in-game due to a script and would like to be accepted the only community on csgo that's is worth it. And if I am not allowed back I tried but thanks for your time.
  2. Yes I was there aswell and he did mass freekill and he just freenaded me and FireWolf.
  3. Ok I'm sorry I'll read the rules and stop arguing with the admins just try to keep an eye out for rules breakers, like last night I was pissed and that was the reason for my disrespect.
  4. Yea but I could record a demo and show you that I don"t spam that I'm quick to the touch?
  5. Ok so what I did was take warden they kept saying spam then after I gave orders and opened the cells they all ran out o i started shooting them then he killed me and I got pissed and left then got banned. My orders where "Whenever cell doors open and I say go, take a step and afk freeze". So when they didn't do the orders I unloaded.
  6. Division: Counter-Strike In-Game Name: Mr. Southern Kid|AKA| Liger Steam ID: Steam Community :: Mr. Southern Kid|AKA| Liger Ban Type: Team Ban Information: I was banned for about 2 or 3 weeks and I really want to be CT because I "mass free killed" because people said I spammed and the admin believed them so after i gave orders and opened cells he banned me on the spot after I killed the ones who went out of their cells.
  7. Division: Counter-Strike In-Game Name: |ShortJuan|#Team Dingus| Steam ID: Steam Community Position: Moderator Time Active: Around 10 to 12 hours. Age: 13 Experience: I'm a admin on a gmod server not xenogamers but toxit gaming. I've been admin on there for around a year now. Information: The reason I want to join XenoGamers staff is that most of the time when I'm on the jailbreak server there is mass free killers people spam for warden and just don't follow the rules and there is never anyone to stop them no one is ever on when I am and I want to make the server as fun as possible.