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  1. I find the new rtd to be alright but I honestly feel like the cool down time should be reduced to what it used to be and we should remove some of the rolls that are just not fun to go up against like power play. It basically god mode with crits. Team crits just gives everyone the ability to basically one-shot the other team which is not fun as well. I know other peeps might have a different view than me but this is what I personally think should be looked at changed. Not to mention while I haven't seen anyone do it recently, we definitely fix being able to rtd while in friendly mode.
  2. Your one of the nicest, friendliest people I know on xG. Happy birthday Swooshy boi! Hope you enjoy your B-day!!!
  3. Congratz to everyone that got promoted! Sad to see @Bello go thought :( We know it was for a good cause. Thank you so much for what you've done for the TF2 Division. We're gonna miss you as a DM T_T
  4. Sucks to see thunder be demoted T_T... but congrats to Ian on the promotion!
  5. @Aegean can i get a link to the discord please?
  6. I love the sound of the rotation server! I would like to see if you can add these 2 game modes : Smash bros, MGE. Btw props to Bone for a really good idea! :D
  7. Summer work just about done. Should back to gaming in about 1-2 weeks. Looking forward to gaming with you guys again! :D
  8. Haven't slept for crap and I feel like dieing. Someone give me a spicy meme. Idc what it is.
  9. Buen viaje mi amigo con cuidado!
  10. sum body plz tell me a joke im bored af
    1. Elcark


      Would you like a random dad joke,or perhaps the ever popular "Traps aren't gay"?
    2. Sonic


      Anything tbh. Im bored put of my mind
  11. Almost done with my summer homework so you can expect me to be back soon! :D
  12. Name: Sonic Steam 64 ID:STEAM_0:1:128691381 Classes: Scout Medic Heavy
  13. Welcome to everyone who joined xG!
  14. Im gonna be busy with a lot of things so if any of you were wondering where I went, now you guys know. :D