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  1. As many of you have noticed I have not been around as much, life has kinda taken over and I have not had as much will to get on servers So for that reason, I decided to step down. I may be back someday to moderate/administrate and I will definitely still get on servers and talk to the community, but for now, a staff position is not suitable for me. I wish the staff team the best and apologize for any hardship this causes
  2. Its a good idea in theory but I feel many players in this clan are already in a dojo, meaning you would need to incentivize them to leave. Plus the material costs to get everything to 100 would be a lot, plus research times, it would take up to a year. I love the game and love xG but it would be a lot of work
  3. QueenOfHearts

    Its cold

    the actual temp is not that bad tbh. Its the wind
  4. Chivalry Medival warfare could be a good CN game
  5. I hope where ever the future takes you goes well. Perhaps you will come back someday. I can agree with what you said for sure about drama, hopefully we can see improvement soon Good luck and be well! ~Queen
  6. I feel ya kypari. Keep in touch but take care of yourself. Mental health is very important
  7. +1 Wait who are you? Only 1700hours? we have standards play a bit more before applying please
  8. Not my division but +1 as the guy was a good CS:S Staff
  9. +1 Cool friendly guy, knows the rules and would enforce them well
  10. who did this, I need names and addresses 

    Xeno Gamers.png

    1. Precious


      I have a creeping suspicion that Seg is responsible...

    2. virr


      thats actually how you write the logo in the font we use, uppercase M looks different compared to lowercase (its like flipped the other way or something idfk) and i guess silence decided it looked better when he made it.

    3. QueenOfHearts
  11. Random ass gif, I guess we can just do that now with that gif button
  12. QueenOfHearts


    You know what fuck it +1 But try to keep it down on the trolling
  13. I made a xG Destiny 2 clan if anyone would like to join, its a fun game that really rewards community work so I felt it would be a great fit for this community. If anyone has the game, wants the game or regularly plays the game wants to join feel free! Join the Companion Experience | Bungie.net WWW.BUNGIE.NET
  14. Kinda tempted but idk if I can moderate two div at once
  15. @virr Yo idk where to do this but can y'all just change my name on forums to QueenOfHearts already, just confusing people now



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    2. Kypari


      Yeah a bunch of people have had their name changed already and hub isn't fully set up + is confusing at the moment. Would be cool

    3. virr
    4. QueenOfHearts
  16. -1 From me, sometimes you are cool but others you can be homophobic, racist and sexist. Whilst I know you believe they are jokes, realize not everyone takes them that way, and there were plenty of cases where it was clear you were NOT joking.
  17. Don't get me wrong, I loved my time in CSS but I am enjoying my time in 2018 far more, more open, friendly, and just accepting. It feels more like a community than back in 2010-2013
  18. I am going as a pirate, need to get my coat finished but this is where the costume is now