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  1. Ms.Spooks

    What are maps that make you leave?

    I forgot to add hotel hell and duketown but aha can't edit it anymore.
  2. Ms.Spooks

    What are maps that make you leave?

    Airstrip, seabed, echidna shrine, nimbus. I have others I dislike but not to the extent of I leaving. These ones have unfun designs and/or are generally irritating to play on, imo.
  3. Ms.Spooks

    Remove trade_delfino_airstrip_b3

    Include the full stats thanks. 11.63 average players is a little low to be making the claim it increases server population. Likewise 450.5 total playtime hours is very low for the connects it gets. Just saying. @mrnutty12
  4. Ms.Spooks

    Remove trade_delfino_airstrip_b3

    I have never liked this map. to avoid repeating the points already made, I'll focus on some other important issues in regards. It kills the server for starters, because if you don't play sniper you're not having fun. It forces anyone who doesn't want to play snipe or be sniped to either go friendly or leave. It only has 1 resupply closet and it's closer to one team than another. It's boring visually and gameplay wise. Spawn protection exists so literally a sniper will lose a quickdraw just because the last person died. I will keep saying this until evidence is provided to prove me wrong. Airstrip makes bad snipers feel better about themselves.
  5. Ms.Spooks

    Promotions and Demotions #215

    Glad to be back
  6. Ms.Spooks


    For some context, I was not online during this; The information I have is provided here and through discord; This is my unimportant opinion on the situation. My main issues with this situation are that Red evaded gag and that what was said wasn't particularly unique in tgh. The gag itself should have been enough of an indicator to not continue the behavior. Unfortunately in the heat of the moment red decided to make a funny and rename himself to evade. A lot of (typically more toxic) randoms tend to use this which issues a kick(since they don't have history in most cases.) Red on the otherhand should know better, but also doesn't have a history(that I know of) for gag evasion. I think this was handled more of a toxicity issue than a gag evasion. Gag evasion, in my opinion, is a lot easier to scale reasonably. The main issue with determining toxicity stems from intent. Someone of ill intent meaning to effectively bully and harass a user would have more to say than what's basically commonplace. For starters, furfag itself is a joke title. Calling people furfags on tgh isn't anything new and in some cases used as friendly banter. I don't think that this case specifically applies for friendly banter however I don't find it alone strong enough to point at toxicity. I do think that some part of the intent with furfag here was ill meaning. "ur so shit" is definitely not in good intent as it's clearly said to make the other party more upset in the same way as saying "ez" and co. Calling furries "fucking weirdos" on a server with a lot of furries is asking for trouble. However, I don't think it's uncommon. Furries being called weird is almost a daily occurrence in terms of tgh conversation from my own experience. I don't think this case was in ill intent. The issue is the timing adds salt to the wound of him already stirring the pot with "shut the fuck up," "ur a fuckhead," and "ez." Lastly, "suck my dick" the ending words and the rename for gag evasion. Two things, saying suck my dick on tgh (where non surprisingly a lot of people are gay) is funny in of itself because the sheer irony. Secondly, saying variations of dick sucking is so uncommon it's a laughable way to end an argument. It's the slightly more vulgar "no u." in my opinion which makes it even funnier. I think that seeing furfag, suck my dick, and "you are all fucking weirdos" aren't really enough on their own with context to show the levels of toxicity that was clearly received. I do think however his shittalking (ur, so shit, ur a fuckhead, ez) Isn't acceptable but still ends up as commonplace on tgh, unfortunately. I think the reasoning was fair from the perspective of Precious. However there is still the can of worms that this behavior *it seems like* is punished on some more than others. I don't think that it's really fair to say that his situation is far worse than if a random joined and did the same actions. I believe the punishment would be delivered in the gag-kick-ban-ban-ban format for a random while Red was already on thin ice, so to speak. He was told to stop, he didn't; he got gagged, he gag evaded. That enough warrants punishment. He was warned on unban, he was warned on server, but the moment escaped him as he made a mistake. I do think that the focus of the punishment should be on the gag evasion and less on the toxicity as there are more members than just him that shittalk just like that and get away with it for god knows why. To be clear I don't have an issue with red personally; I think he can be very chill. The evidence is here that he was not chill at the time. I think that's something he can improve on as he has already improved for the better (as others stated.) He was willing to come back after the first ban and do better he might do better again. I don't think there is a reason to report abuse for this case as precious did what any staff would do in the situation. I think the reasoning is a little debatable as the main breaking point was the gag evasion. Hopefully if he does come back he can reflect on this moment for improvement. It's hard to determine tone over text and what he may have seen as friendly banter might not come across as such. Like I said before this kind of shittalking isn't particularly new on tgh. I'd like to see some consistency for some of the other members who seem to get away with this. While I think the ban was fair I would like to see him come back and try again as he has made improvements. He shows he is capable of doing better. Hopefully he can find a way to bury the hatchet and make amends. In the mean time I'll drop my current worthless +1. Tl;dr Gag evasion should be seen as the main punishment imo Half of the shittalking going on isn't particularly uncommon and others who employ the toxic half should have similar expectations. Saying suck my dick on a server with a lot of gay/bi people is funny as hell. Precious did nothing wrong imo. I hope red can do better, as he has shown, if he comes back.
  7. Ms.Spooks

    On "Invisible Promotions"

    Personally I'm in the boat that silent member to staff promotions are a bad thing. It opens the doors for favoritism and closes the door for people to say why said people shouldn't be staff. While I can understand the ease of process(as my first time getting staff was silent and when I came back from my break was also silent) It does prevent the discussion from being had of why someone is not optimal for their position. I'm all for reducing personal bias in the application process. It's too easy for someone to be chummy with higher ups and ask for staff i m o. I am also not looking to shit on current staff who have been silent promoted or the higherups who have employed it. I do think that having the opportunity to dispute the promotion with a -1 is a good thing. At the end of the day a -1 can be dismissed if the reasoning isn't clear or accurate but someone who already gets promoted is just going to stir more internal drama from the people who did want them in. All in all though higherups do have the final say. Overall I think that promotions should be handled clearly and well defined so people aren't suddenly surprised that someone else got staff just because they chill in a discord with a higherup. In my opinion the times that silent promotions end up being abused are few and far between. The potential for the worst is still present. ideally bad staff should eventually be siphoned out before they're a problem. However, there are times that moderators who have been silent promoted have gone untouched because either favoritism or not enough evidence of poor performance were provided. I say silent promotions shouldn't be a thing even in the case of returning staff. While it's easy to point out what staff were good previously and they SHOULD be good again it doesn't mean their circumstance hasn't changed. The time away from being staff does affect how the community perceives them. It should be a matter of consistency as essentially they're trying to be staff from member again. Case by case can be more extreme from silent leaving to toxicity or whatnot. Opening a window to air the shit so to speak is a good way to get certain distrusts out of the way. If there are no problems then it shouldn't affect the staff returning negatively. The most that'd be asked of them is just to sum up why they want to be staff again. I'm all for keeping things out from closed doors so to speak. Openness and clarity should be what the community deserves. I think the application process is a good way to provide that outlet. I'm not exactly the most passionate about the subject but I want to throw my two cents in since this ended up getting thrown on my "Hello again." thread in regards to me. That told me a couple things. 1 is that not everyone is happy about how I left and they want to make it clear and 2 It's easy to pass favoritism when you're on the receiving end. I don't care much to stir bad blood, however I don't think they should be denied voicing their complaints (as long as it's within the community guidelines.) Tl;dr That's a no from me.
  8. Ms.Spooks

    Hello again.

    Might as well have named this thread "Hello again: offtopic edition." No chill.
  9. Ms.Spooks

    Hello again.

    Btw I meant staff not admin lol
  10. Ms.Spooks

    Hello again.

    Look to be perfectly clear. I've discussed with the higher ups about coming back. It did get mentioned with a couple if I'd like staff again. They were very clear that I'm starting fresh. If I wanted staff again (which I don't atm) I would have to go through the process like everyone else. I have no interest in causing the problems that made me frustrated enough to leave in the first place. Like I said I'm not looking for a handout. I appreciate your gesture @Tekage though as I'm sure you're meaning well. Me coming back to admin right off the bat wouldn't be fair to the current mods. I know how that feels. if and when I do go for staff everyone *should* have their fair shake. Hopefully that clears this up right quick.
  11. Ms.Spooks

    Hello again.

    Which I don't atm. I do plan on actually putting an application if I do want staff. I did not leave and come back a month later. Lastly, I literally said multiple times I'm not interested in any position atm. Y'all need to chill.
  12. Ms.Spooks

    Hello again.

    Oh boy where do I start. I guess I'll start off by talking about my leaving. To be honest I left in a storm. I feel like I hurt a lot of people in the crossfire of my anger. Im sorry to those people. I'd also like to apologize to the members I let down. I wanted to provide the support I could for you guys and because I felt hurt and betrayed so I put myself first. It wasnt fair for you guys. I also want to apologize for going dark for so long. In case you don't know I've been under the guise of myagic for a while. It's taken me a long time to not feel so sour. With the recent state of staff however I feel a lot more comfortble in my return. Those who I've *unintentionally* hurt I want to bury the hatchet, if I havent already. I would like to be a part of the community again and hopefully most of you can forgive me in time. There was a lot of behind the scenes activities that left me hurt for a while. I was hoping to shed light in those issues when I left which for the most part I feel has been corrected. The state of xg *from what I've seen on the sidelines* has improved in a lot of ways. I'm hoping for a fresh start. I'm not looking for handouts. I dont know if I'm even considering staff in the near future. In time when I feel a bit more connected to the community again I may go for staff again. I just want to be clear my intentions are not set for staff again. I just want to feel involved with the community again. I hope we can move forward together. Thanks for your time.
  13. Ms.Spooks


    I really don't want to reply but kypari insists I should. I want to start off by saying I thought I trusted her deeply. The friendship appeared to be mutual in that regards but that ended up not being the case. I'm not angry about what happened. I'm sad, disappointed, and hurt about it. Not that any of you should care about that. I was under the impression that in the period of a week she was betrayed by two people *according to her.* One of which supposedly ran off with 25 keys in items. I felt bad for her as she was my friend that I thought I could trust. I had been saving and trading up items for a few weeks before, which I dislike to do in general. I was saving up to get her a catastrophic companions as a birthday present. Instead after hearing about her situation I wanted to give her some stuff early to help recoup from her loss, as they were intended for her gift anyways. The reason that I was working so hard to get such an expensive gift was because I was under the impression for at least 2 months that she was working on artwork for me. She never asked to be paid and I didn't ask her to do it. With that in mind I was very happy she would put that much effort into making me something for my profile. Kypari recently had suspicions though that she wasn't being honest about being an artist. So I managed to search for some information myself from some of the pictures she sent me in the past. Now nothing was conclusive at that point as I had no way to proove that the deviant art wasn't her account. (https://sicnesse.deviantart.com/art/Witch-Akeno-587601982)(1) So I asked her if that was her account and she replied that "I need to update that" "Yes that's my profile I mainly use twitter now though" I asked for her twitter and she never responded. The art that she has shown me in the past however was found on this person's profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198084721146/. ( 2) That night I asked her if I could see a preview of the art as the last time she said I could see a preview and that she was "almost done" she never posted it. Instead she posted the blue haired girl from this profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198314399057(3) I have no reason at the time not to believe her so I say the work is cute and move on. However, when I asked she said she would show me tomorrow. So I waited all day for her to show at least something to show it was real. I end up having to message her at around 5:30 pm her time here is the conversation as I'm currently under suspicion 3:38 PM - Myagic: wanna geeeeet your tablet mayhaps :D? 3:38 PM - xG Kitty: My tablet isn't the standard tablet, May. 3:38 PM - xG Kitty: It's very big. 3:38 PM - xG Kitty: It cost nearly $900 3:38 PM - xG Kitty: And that's when it's on sale 3:38 PM - Myagic: very big 3:38 PM - xG Kitty: Mhm. 3:38 PM - Myagic: yes yes wacom? 3:38 PM - xG Kitty: Wacom? 3:39 PM - xG Kitty: Slang please go away. 3:39 PM - Myagic: yeah it's a fancy drawing tablet 3:39 PM - Myagic: it's not slang 3:39 PM - Myagic: it's a brand 3:39 PM - xG Kitty: Never heard of it. 3:40 PM - xG Kitty: Oh 3:40 PM - xG Kitty: Yes 3:40 PM - xG Kitty: Didn't read the sentence properly 3:41 PM - Myagic: ^-^ 3:41 PM - xG Kitty: It's the Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 16inch l7 512GB DTHW1620H 3:41 PM - Myagic: mayhaps in a bit then? 3:41 PM - xG Kitty: Probs 3:41 PM - xG Kitty: No promises 3:41 PM - Myagic: yay 3:42 PM - Myagic: I hope so cause I really wanna seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your lovely art before it's finished ^-^ A lot of things are off about this conversation in general so now I'm really doubtful she is telling the truth at all. For starters she didn't know what wacom was as a digital artist. She copy pasted a $3,000 tablet and had the previous claim she got it $900 on sale. Lastly, she said the night before she would show a preview and now she is saying no promises. Again though this isn't enough concrete evidence to suggest that she is lying about making art for me. So when she said she is planning on getting on tf2 then going to bed I ask her about the preview and she claimed that she already showed it to me.(3) Even though the one she sent was by mistake. So I eventually convince her to let me see it again and I do an image search and woah and behold I find someone else's profile with the EXACT art she was taking credit for. Not only that but it was the same one she claimed was a mistake (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198314399057)(3) With all the previous concerns in mind this was too big of a slip up for me to ignore it. I can't believe I gave her roughly 14 keys worth of items over something that she could have easily been lying about. As it was intended as a gift I'm not going to fight to get them back. I never wanted any of this. I didn't want to have to confront her about all of this and I asked respectfully if everyone else would refrain until I got the evidence I needed. I'm heartbroken to say the least. She betrayed my trust. It was never going to be a mutual friendship and I was too dumb to realize it. I don't expect nor want her to be punished for this, but I can't let this big of an issue go without comment. It's really disgusting what she did to me and I'm not sure I can forgive her in good conscience. Take a look at the images below you'll find more than enough of what she has been claiming as opposed to what is the truth. Do what you wish with the evidence I provide, but I don't want to be involved with her anymore. I barely even wanted to respond.
  14. Ms.Spooks

    Goodbye xG.

    I'm leaving xg for good. This is my only and last formal goodbye. In case you didn't know what happened I'll sum it up. 7 months ago now I took a break from being staff for personal reasons that I chose to keep to myself. Tf2 wasn't fun for me at the time. The drama in xg was unbearable at that point. There were several decisions being made that in my opinion weren't in the best interest of the clan. No I'm not going to go into detail about them because I can't be bothered. I came back roughly a month later 2 weeks after pyro update dropped and it took a lot of time an mulling over to forgive tf2. At this point I was hearing a lot from community members that missed me being staff(not just other staff) and eventually I was convinced to come back to staff. Now since I stepped down quietly I was expecting the process to be easy. It was not. Instead of resuming my position as staff I'm put unfairly into a probationary role solely because of 1 higher up's bias against me. I was being punished for no good reason. I was assured that it's no big deal I'll most likely get admin back as long as I keep staffing well. I got mod quickly and ended up staying mod for the last 5 months. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. In fact multiple times I even considered just giving up entirely, but I decided to stay for the people in the community who actually appreciate what I do. I stayed because the servers liked having me. I don't know what the accused hold up is now and quiet frankly I'm over hearing lies and excuses like I have since I first got staff. From the beginning it was "who the fuck is ms. spooks?" "You need to be more established with the community" "you need to do more." "I never see her online so I can't make a good opinion on her" etc. Now keep in mind since I was considerably new staff at the time it wasn't a big deal. However time started passing by and I've watch many staff (you know who you are) go from member to admin before me, and now they're dms before I've even gotten admin back. I kept asking what am I doing wrong and keep getting the same run around. "Nothing, why?" just to be followed up later with some half attempted accuse "Oh you just need to do more." As time went on that clearly didn't end up being the full truth getting comments like "If you did more you'd already be admin" "You're not entitled to admin" "You're too passive" etc. It's not fair that I do the same amount of work as an admin, spend more time than a majority of the mods, and have been an established community member for 2 years without even a blemish. Now some of you will take this as an outcry because I didn't get a rank that's just slightly better than mod, however my problems run deeper than that. It's not fair that I had to harder than other staff the entirety of my time of being staff. It's not fair that I keep getting pushed aside for other staff who are better at sucking off the higher ups than I am. I'm done playing the charade of "work a little harder" "Do a little more" Because even with the backing of multiple staff and plenty of recommends it clearly doesn't mean jack to you. It's incredibly disrespectful not only to me but other people who have gotten this treatment to string us along like a grunt. I'm not your lackey. I didn't become staff to do your job, and I most certainly don't see anywhere that says I'm supposed to suck you guys off in order to even get looked at. It's beyond hurtful to continue to be punished for things out of my control and more importantly I didn't do. This is my only request of all of you staff. If you're not my friend and you're only friends with me soley because I'm staff. Get the F U C K off my friends list. Get out of my servers. Get out of my life. I have enough garbage I have to deal with in my life and I don't need more fake people around who don't care about my feelings. Stop pretending to care about what I have to say then just doing the same garbage I'm complaining about. I have rooted for and defended most if not a majority of you even if we haven't been the best of friends. I've stood up for you and I tried to be there when you're down. It's funny to me how people forget the people who rooted for them when they get power. I have been mulling over for the last couple days what all I'm going to say when inevitably I say goodbye after being shafted again for no good reason. So I'm going to finish this with a list of what xG should improve on. 1. Staff are volunteers not lackeys This "do more" mentality and backwards logic of having more mods than admins is part of a huge issue that doesn't respect your staff equally. despite all staff volunteering their time and efforts to improve the servers and the community. Treating admin as some mystical, magical, special role that's Juuust out of reach feels really really shitty for all the mods who have to work harder than other staff to prove themselves. 2. Stop using probationary for no reason. This is a punishment role. It's used for staff who don't deserve a full demotion but still want to make things right as staff. Likewise It's used for people who have a dirty history. Stop slinging it around for every person who you don't feel like fits the personality mold even when they've done nothing to deserve it. Stop using it as a compromise because 1 higher up doesn't like the person. It should be used to establish wrong doings not "We just trust you a little less." 3. Majority matters. It's been a huge problem for a while where higher ups have to make unanimous decisions. What this means for all the other staff is that if 1 higher up disagrees despite everyone else agreeing on said thing. It won't go through. The voice of one is too strong in this community specially for higher ups who don't go on servers enough to see what is going on or that just choose to disregard the intent of the community and more importantly the other staff. To fix this, it should be that majority rules. It should be that the community or staff vote count for 1 higher up in of themselves, because giving the people no say is what's going to kill the community. 4. Be transparent. All decisions should be clear, concise, and have good *valid* reasons. It should be your goal to be as unbiased, well informed, and clear as possible. This under the table garbage that's been going on is just sleazy. You don't want your real opinions out there and you don't want to be held accountable which quite frankly is an embarrassment to your role. Be open and honest with your staff and not just string them along with excuses everyone knows are lies. If you make a decision you're accountable to that decision. Don't just keep letting everyone else have to figure it out. 5. Stop only caring about people in your respective group. This is a big clan with large divisions and even in tf2 large sub divisions. Its been an issue for a while that surf staff only favor surf staff and tgh staff only like tgh staff. Unfortunately it has even gone as high as the higherups. Just because you haven't played on the servers (which isn't a good idea anyways) doesn't mean you should give only people in your respective server the special treatment. If you want to be taken seriously you have to take others seriously as well. It's ok to get more information to form your own opinion, but it's not ok to say it's not your problem because it's not your server. 6. Witnesses matter. I'm all for innocent until proven guilty, but some of you take this as an opportunity to ignore issues all together because no tangible evidence. Staff witnesses have just as much say as a normal witness, none. It doesn't matter how many people say a person did an action because without proof you're never going to confront the issue. You make no effort to gather more information. It doesn't help when you expect people to be recording EVERYTHING that goes on, and to be honest if you are wanting people who record everything just to nail one person it's a pretty sucky, bandwagony mentality. 7. Stop treating other staff like dirt. This is to all staff. Stop staffing over each other when someone else has it handled. I'm not talking about you both get on at the same time or accidentally warn at the same time. I'm talking that another staff handled the call, they're already trying to resolve the issue, and you jump in gung hoe and start shafting them. It's not acceptable. Trust the staff members to do their job. Unless you have to make a decision that involves perms only you have as staff it should not be happening that staff are stepping on each others toes. Likewise, Mods are volunteers. Means they donate their time and energy into the servers just like you. Stop talking down to staff who are a lower rank and stop kicking them around because you can. Stop rubbing your rank in their face. They get it. It's not acceptable to disregard another staff as a whole just because they're a lower rank. 8. Share the interest of the community not just yourself. There has been many times where higher ups have made decisions under the table that are looked at negatively by the community or ultimately effected them negatively. Yes we get you like this one plugin idea and the other higher ups are all for it, but when you implement it out of nowhere and it effects the players to the point of complaining about it that's not in the interests of them. Part of making the community a better place is by making it unified, and when you keep making decisions that effect a mass in the community you create division. With all of that in mind I want nothing to do with this community anymore. If you're really my friend you'll accept that. I'm not going to keep getting a run around, doing your jobs, and investing time and energy into a clan who doesn't care about me back. I'm not looking for a debate here. I'm not justifying any of my points. I'm not going to bother responding so don't bother baiting for a response. No I'm not changing my mind. I don't know if I'll ever come back to xg after all that it's put me through. I don't want your excuses so don't bother sending them to me. I may still come on the servers once in a while but you're not going to get much out of me here. Goodbye xg.
  15. Ms.Spooks


    +1 very friendly, active, very social girl! A:10 M:8