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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and be honest here, no one likes spawn protection. I don't like it, you don't like it, no one likes it. As much as everyone dislikes it, it's a necessity. Spawn Protection has always had one function and one function only. To break spawn camps and deter spawn killers. Does it reliably work? No. Is it something that should be removed because it gives your opponent an advantage? No. Is something worth keeping on the server? Yes. I would argue that spawn protection is probably one of most loved/hated things on the server but it's required in order to stop people from dying when they're only halfway out the door. The fact that people still continue to die even after they've had a chance to break a spawn camp goes to show that the "benefit" of removing it doesn't outweigh the advantage it gives to the losing team. There's not much else to be said than what's already been said before by everyone else. If anything the only time I can imagine spawn protection serving it's purpose well and reliably is when teams aren't completely stacked and the camper in question is right up next to the door where you're at your "strongest". 5 Seconds may also seem like a lot but it's really not much to work with especially if the camp itself is pretty strong. The fact that hardly anyone ever coordinates an attack until well into like and hour also means people just constantly throw themselves into whatever is on the other side without any backup half the time. If spawn protection was removed these problems would just get far worse. Asking to remove it because it didn't do enough for the team or because it's unfair is ridiculous. Also chances are, if you're dealing with someone who has spawn protection you probably shouldn't be in that area in the first place.
  2. +1 From my point of view, this map shouldn't have been added in the first place. But hey it's had a "good" run.
  3. Trainsawlaser might be fun but it doesn't belong on TGH. The map itself as you said might not be related to any game in particular just as Mascc or Cyberpunk I myself am still wondering how those two made it on the server, but that's not enough of a reason to add a map that's even more so ridiculous than those two. Also it should be noted that the map itself is somewhat irritating to play on, for some people it's not even fun it's just obnoxious and annoying. Anytime I bring it up on the server I do so ironically. There is absolutely no good reason for this map to be added so all-in-all I'm against it.
  4. I was wondering when Ky would get Admin back, good to see him in his old position again, Thunder too, congrats also to Ms.Spooks. Krampus, GG M8.;)
  5. Undisclosed_

    Tf2 Donator Update!

    Virr, the medic shield is still in the super donator list, you should probably remove that.
  6. Undisclosed_

    Tf2 Donator Update!

    These are pretty great additions to the servers and I gotta say I'm really liking the voice changers and rainbow outlines. Personally as for NoFall I don't care much for it in particular. I say keep it for the jumpers but keep out of combat. If your opponent has to deal with fall damage why shouldn't you?
  7. Congrats to Thunderlimes, I knew he'd get Administrator eventually. :emoji_ok_hand:
  8. It's great to see a lot of new/returning people in that list of promos especially after the previous promo/demo list, I have nothing but a good old congratulations for those in that list. It's no surprise to see Vexx in there either. It was only a matter of when, and hopefully he'll be a great replacement for Rejects. Time to keep moving forward, eh?
  9. I'm honestly astounded by those Demotions, The ones I least expected to be on that list is Rejects, Kypari, and Thunder, I thought they were pretty cool people to play with. They probably really are great to hang around with too but it really makes you think, what could they have done that made this happen? Something only they and the higher-ups will probably ever know. Well at least there were some who got promoted as well, my congratulations for them, and my condolences to those demoted.
  10. I would definitely love for this to be a feature in masscc, that's the whole point of the map besides playing an endless deathmatch. But again as it has been stated before, we need reputable people to not only host the event but organize it as well so others who just decide to be a tumor don't ruin the fun. This can work but it would mean that staff are going to have to play a big part in it unless it's someone that even staff, specifically the DM's and DL's can trust. That being said I don't necessarily think it has to be like that, I just believe that's how it would work best. If we can organize events like this again I'm all for it.
  11. +1 No need to have Apadiel on the server at all, the only videogame reference only account for like 1/20 of the entire map and the overall layout is just frustrating to deal with, half the game it's you falling of the platforms, the other half is trying to dodge the annoying snipers that hardly ever come out of spawn.
  12. Doing Absolutely Nothing.
  13. +1 Great player, I see him all the time on the TF2 Trade Server! Nice guy! A:8 M:8
  14. In-Game Name: Undisclosed Active Division: Team Fortress 2 Previously a Member in xG: No Identity: Steam Community :: Undisclosed_ Banned: Yes Teamspeak Account Synced: Yes Time Active on Servers: About 3 to 4 Years Age: 19 Reasons for Joining: I've been a part of the xG Team Fortress 2 trade server for a long time and I'd figure that I might as well try and join. So far this is the only group I've actually been motivated enough try and join. I was banned at some point once when the rules had some blurred lines and I didn't know what exactly was allowed. I jokingly said some stuff that got me into some trouble but oh well. Either way that's why I'm trying to join.