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  1. Tf2 lost its charm and has become a chore to stay on. So I'm stepping down Adios
  2. Vargas


    User will be unbanned. Evidence provided wasn't enough to prove that this user was hacking. ~Closed
  3. Vargas


    Watched the demos and nothing really stood out showing that maf was hacking so. +1 for an unban
  4. Vargas


    I will throw my word in once I can watch this demo @mrnutty12
  5. Vargas


    You have been declined from becoming a member, but you may reapply in a month! ~closed
  6. Vargas


    -1 There is evidence provided to prove the other account was hacking. Your IP also matches an IP of a banned account.
  7. Vargas

    My Application!

    +5 Uses the !friendly command
  8. Personally I would prefer Towny instead of Factions even without playing it. The idea of factions is cool but then ends up being very boring in the end. +1
  9. Vargas


    Agreed with Kypari that this deserves a warning or a 60 minute ban if really necessary.
  10. +1 This was quite a long time ago so why not.
  11. Your ban protest has been rejected. However, you can still get unbanned if you follow the steps in this thread. Note: Rejected - MemeMachine - Team Fortress 2 Previous thread which was also denied. Hacking is not tolerated at all. ~closed
  12. Vargas


    +1 Seen around quite a bit on surf and I can definitely say Kitten is a nice person to be around. A:8 M:9
  13. This same thing already happened before in a different thread. -1 for hacking previously plus like vexx said the IP of this account is matches yours.