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  1. Back and already regretting it

    1. Jing


      This site changed while I was gone and I'm kinda lost. That was a like 9 month break. I turned 21 during that break.

    2. Elcark


      Site is still new and changing often. Everyone is lost. Welcome (back) to the club

  2. I think these things from a month ago say otherwise. [MEDIA=twitter]881011293259526144[/MEDIA] edit : how tf do i link to twitter here
  3. i am living garbage and also cant have my bangs down or else theyll reach to the tip of my nose
  4. Time to try and remember to be active again and just hope nothing else in life goes wrong lmao
  5. It's almost been 2 weeks since last status, but things are slowly becoming a bit more bearable. Sorry for continued time away from TF2.
  6. Big congrats to Tuna. ;) And also heyyy this is neat to see after ducking out for a couple weeks. Proud to be a member. Just sorry that I've been less and less active. Still in a place ranging between odd and bad, but I'll eventually get back in the groove. (y)
  7. bad time for tf2 and things in general for a while brb lmao
  8. I honestly just thought this was a Windows 10 thing. Like they've never shown up for me, just this deal.
  9. dont hit me with any that e3 highlight shit unless somewhere deep behind the scenes they mentioned Skate 4
  10. Someone told me I should die today. I told them I've actually flatlined before. They said sorry, but I said "i wish it stayed that way lmao"
  11. im dying homer
  12. Yall realize that last status was satire right idc if this aint furry or not gd
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. YeEternalTuna


      Excuse me!!?!?!? @[107538:@virr] dont take everything everyone says on here lightly!!!! What if someone was in dire need of help!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!?1//1/1?
    3. Egossi


      no one takes anything here seriously other than @[107538:@virr], dont worry lol
    4. Jing


      Nah I mean there was actually some guy (I removed the comment bc I'm a little bitch tbh lmao) who was like Please die uwu
  13. Only slightly disappointed none of these were furry servers but I can't be the terrible trash person I am everywhere. Good Stuff
  14. I'd say the ok hand just for obvious reasons. I mean it's just like combining the thumbs up and useful, but it's such a positive thing.
  15. I just got here a few days ago so this is all new to me. Judging by the pics the old one looks a bit more simple, but I'm chill with how this is all laid out. Could probably improve in the future though with a few different ratings.