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  1. big brain gaming


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      Something I wish I had and could do.


  2. Everyone was just paranoid from the start, I doubt anyone in this whole scenario genuinely hates one another. I felt coupled into this whole "group" war thing by association (or crossfire), but I don't have quarrel with anyone imo. None of the pm'd remarks or mudslinging ever got to me. I tried my best to stay in the middle on a neutral stance, y'all just need to get along. You don't have to like one another, but this "drama stuff" I suppose is really dumb. Both sides ?
  3. I don't think it's a matter of argument, tuna has a tendency to heavily push regulations on other staff members and even calls them out on it (nobody else does it out of being instantly shut down by the "staff has final say" rule) when they fail to do so and to be told that you're wrong (especially by someone without power) it makes them feel attacked/offended. Imo he's pretty fit for the position and stays in check with rules even if he can be over the top at times. +1
  4. -1 it's at best a mild inconvenience, a good majority don't get to load in fast enough to witness it for more than 5 or so seconds
  5. This essentially would just be a better sandman, I'd say just give the the wrap assassin heavier bleed dmg, a slightly bigger aoe radius, and longer effect status (as you said). Just in terms of general buffs
  6. It'd be cool to rework engie's short circuit mouse 2 into an anti-rage utility weapon Short Circuit -50% universal metal intake (Passive) -25% holster speed Primary Fire +No longer consumes ammo (My thoughts on m1 not taking up ammo is that the main use of the short circuit would be it's altfire mechanic and by default short circuit's m1 ability has the same exact functions as a normal pistol without any of the range) AltFire +Same capabilities as its default states (consumes 65 metal per shot, destroys projectiles), however on hit now reduces the boss' rage by 5 percent (trying to find a balanced percentage) The anti rage mechanic serves as a more utility based weapon for engie that would encourage more so on focusing metal intake into reducing rage percentage instead of finding an area to camp in and set up a nest. The debuffs on holster speed and metal intake is to reduce the ability to quickly take out the weapon, spam shots, gain metal from a dispenser, and repeat. The idea is to compliment this weapon with the gunslinger (Build a minisentry and still be able to fire 2 alt-fire shots) as the the drastically increased time to create a lvl 2 sentry with a default wrench would be ineffective to set up a nest. Gunslinger +15% speed boost when active +30% less metal required to build a minisentry +160% Build Speed (1.5s to 1.35s) +Sentry Bullets now cause after burn effect +10% Knockback on minisentry bullets +No Longer gives speed debuff on building hauling +Default Stats (+25 hp) In general using a mini sentry over a normal wrench already sacrifices a lot of dps potential and is a disadvantage in ff2 as the small increase to hp serves little to no difference in survivability. So I want to make the mini sentry more so an annoyance to the hale rather than pure dps. The speed buff gives the ability to move quicker and offers a better survivability tool. The idea is to incite the opposite play style of a normal ff2 engie, build an annoying mini sentry and be able to forget about it and focus on other means instead of being confined to a single area
  7. I don't really know you and I'm aware you were one of the few paid mods back in the day and did a fairly poor job at that, (I'll put aside the past, as that was a long time ago) however after me not being active on servers for several months and joining today just to see what's up with current xg I was greeted to listen to a group of 3-4 people talking about how you spawned in a valve rocket launcher the day prior and abused it without a proper vote. However I can't give a solid answer so I'm staying neutral due to my long absence, but my observation still may hold some sort of resonance with any sort of negative feedback present in the thread Good luck with your membership
  8. bungy bungy bungy i dont want to leave the chungy

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      the hell you still doin on this site????????

  9. Vexx already stated he's not going to take strawpoll ballots into account as they can easily be manipulated with a vpn and allow for a single person to vote infinitely. I'm not familiar with the new forums and whether integrated polls are still a thing, but if they are, I'd suggest your scrap the thread and make a new one. @Kypari tagging Vexx for confirmation @Vexx