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  1. Bello

    Quick PSA: How to Civilly Discuss

    damn kinda sad that this clan got to the point where a bunch of [almost] grown butt people need to be told how to conform to social norms. Sad! Appreciate the effort though @LAN_Megalodon
  2. Bello

    Horrible xG Member

    i think it's a jailbreak problem.
  3. the michael jackson of this clan

  4. Bello


    probably one of the dumbest introductions ive ever read on here but i've always considered you a "good kid" that never caused issues and wasn't - even for his age - annoying. now you have a deep voice and itd be kinda rude to refer to you as a kid, but +1 from me due to the past experiences i had with you. oneglove has been around for so long, and as stated above, he was quite the opposite of a troublemaker. always pretty friendly and helped to populate dead servers
  5. Bello

    Mona Pizza Community Challenge?

    jesus christ do you guys seriously think people would wanna humiliate themselves for a few credits (or whatever the prize is gonna be)? i dont mean to be disrespectful but isnt the challenge supposed to be embarassing? do you really think you'd get any entries?
  6. 519a0dc5695acd295fc967f6876c3265.png
    https://gyazo.com/519a0dc5695acd295fc967f6876c3265 look at this, i made a melody that sounds pretty awesome! all by myself!

    1. Bello


      lol didnt realize this comment would take up this much space, just delete it if you want to once you've read it

  7. Great day today. Happy fourth of July!

    1. Shadower



    2. mrnutty12


      thank you 100% real fellow american! Happy fourth of july!

  8. lol

  9. wishing it was 2016 again

  10. Bello

    Scam Warning

    Thank you James, very cool!
  11. Bello

    sug.: "don't talk over people"

    Can't understand why this thread was downvoted so much. Granted, I don't play on the servers anymore, but that was already a somewhat "controversial" rule when I was DL. I've never been a fan of that rule since I actually think it's quite stupid. I had my best times in xG on Jailbreak, a server that is based on people using voice chat. Imagine if you were to strictly make sure only one person is talking on mic. That would ruin most of the fun, to be honest, since while the gamemode itself is pretty mediocre, the community part of it was fun. The interactions with 20+ people were what made it quite unique and of course it happens that people talk over each other. I think this is more of a common sense thing (haha @Kypari ). If there's two people talking and they accidently interrupt each other, nobody needs a staff member saying "GUYS! ONLY ONE PERSON ON MIC!". If someone is talking to someone through voice chat and another person happens to join during that situation and is like "hey guys, what's up", there's no need to enforce that certain rule. Another scenario that is a bit more elaborate: If someone would tell the server a story of how we walked his dog and some other dog almost attacked him, and someone interrupts asking a question relevant to the topic, (i.e. "what breed was the dog that attacked you) on voice chat, then I don't think anyone needs to do anything about it. If, however, someone is purposely disturbing a conversation to "troll/harass" someone, that's a different case where a staff member should take action. That being said, I don't think you can make rules that cover every situation possible. There are several cases where that rule makes no sense at all, but there are also cases where it would make sense. Staff has to do some thinking sometimes. Still kinda dumb to give @maf427, an active player on the servers last time I checked, so many bad ratings tbh. He made a very reasonable and constructive* thread imo, but at the end I'll just have to agree to disagree with these people. * EDIT: Maybe not the way he worded it, but the point he's making.
  12. Bello

    It's time

    you are a legend i know how you feel. keep me added on steam!
  13. Terrible! Just found out that @Egossi had my "wires tapped" in my fortnite Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!

    1. Dannypicacho


      The Fake News Media said that I did not get along with other Leaders at the #xenoGamers in Fortnite. They are once again, WRONG!

    2. Dannypicacho


      That didnt work like wanted it to. CNN must've done something to my computer.

  14. Bello

    Clash Royale

    Can we expect a Clash of Clans review next?