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  1. runnin round the beach and i feel like david hasselhoff

  2. Yo, some of you might remember me, some won't. Anyways, I've recently unprivated my steam profile and there's been huge amount of people adding me and trying to convince me to give them my items in all shapes and forms. There were unironically 5 people within the last 24 hours that tried to scam me and I'm getting a little tired. So let's have some fun with them. This thread is dedicated to collecting methods and ways to fuck with scammers. So far there's been three things that came to my mind: Sending the scammer the link to a supposed screenshot that is in reality an IP-logger and scaring them by having their IP. I've tried this twice and they were unfortunately smart enough not to click my link. Acting like I'm actually believing that they'll give me free shit and then sending them hardcore gay porn. Nothing wrong with being gay and liking gay porn, but since a good amount of scammers happen to be Russian [and these are often homophobic], this is fun. I've done this to like two people and they seemed pretty disgusting. Anyways, while I think that's a hilarious idea, it might not be legal since some of them could be underage and I don't wanna distribute porn to a minor. Acting like I'm actually believing that they'll give me free shit and then sending them disgusting gore pics. Haven't done that yet but surely would be fun. Can you guys come up with any more fun ways to fuck with them? I don't care how "evil" it is since these people are literally the scum of the earth and rely on stealing little children's virtual items. Just don't break the law @Egossi @Goblins @Kypari >inb4 just report them man!!! yes i do that too.
  3. Okay, seriously. I unprivated my profile yesterday and ever since then - within the span of one day - 3 people trying to scam me added me. Why? And how did they get my profile? Please explain.

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    2. hongkongatron


      you own an unusual on tf2 and have at least some csgo items which is probably already enough for 1/2 of bots to want to scam you, idk how braindead people like that track you down but bp worth could probably be a good indicator

    3. Egossi


      its usually shitty sites you logged into using steam, and backpack tracker websites like backpack.tf that trigger these bots

    4. Shadower


      yo maybe one of them are real and you could get some ez puss puss

  4. man this hong guy is really creepin me out >.<

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    2. Tatost


      grape is bad

    3. hongkongatron


      okay listen here NOOB

    4. Tatost



      how would you like it if I called YOU a noob!!!!

  5. @gwoash @origins (john madden) @Slengineer1851 @The_Unlit_Torch Sgt. Assault and most people from jailbreak in 2014 who were more or less fun to play with
  6. i like the destiny


    he deabte all the alt right peeple like pewdiepie and ben shapiro

    1. Egossi


      What are you a LibTARD?? LOOL fucken destroyed epic ben shapiro rekt compilation watch free online working 100% free 2013 (updated)

  7. @thunderlimes bad
    now upvote

  8. Prayer should be outlawed in sports. It gives athletes such an unfair advantage. God is so much more powerful than any performance enhancing drug.

    1. Tatost


      I agree

  9. kush coma, i am in a kush coma!

    1. Goblins


      Degenerate xGDM Snackbello : Hello guys! I personally masturbate to asian booties. Haha! Thanks for considering. ?

  10. thanks, ill miss you too ;( welcome to the squad!
  11. never really realized that this clan is ACTUALLY full of furries now

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    2. Goblins


      It's hunting season now. Get your rifle and we'll do a hunting music video sponsored by $boy$!

    3. Kypari


      I don't think it is, I just think there's a bunch of them. It was probably worse back when you were DL honestly, especially with surf being packed with furries

    4. Shadower


      kypari is lying to you, dont believe their lies, my  liege.

  12.   #Teens: In a way, wouldn’t #nuclear war be #dope? ☢️???

  13. realBelloWaldi


    just dont be annoying and youll beat my reputation in no time!
  14. Because of context. I don't call people faggots and neither do I call people niggers, but let me try to give my opinion on this subject. I'm also going to refer to the "n-word" as "nigger", since that is the word we're talking about and we're having a reasonable discussion where I'm not using it as an insult. As far as I know, it's not like the word "faggot" is allowed no matter what. The word is allowed in a certain context in which you are not harassing someone. For instance, if someone were to call QueenofHeart [or any queer person] a faggot because of the fact that she is transgender, that would be punishable. However, in my opinion the meaning of the word faggot has kind of changed. I'm definitely not denying that awful people are still using it to be homophobic, however, there is a certain episode of South Park that illustrates this situation. To briefly summarize the episode, a ton of bikers start annoying the city and people eventually start calling them fags to the point where everyone just refers to them as fags. At some point people got concerned because of the apparent homophobia that someone did a TV report showing a child a picture of a gay person and a biker, asking whom of the both they think is a "fag". The child pointed to the biker and completely ignored the actually gay person. In other words, in this and in many other instances the word "faggot" is not being used in a homophobic context. If someone on a tf2 server is like "shut up, faggot", in 95% of the cases he doesnt use the term "faggot" to insult gay people, but instead to insult an annoying person. Does that make it better? Kind of, I think. While I'd agree that nobody should say it, people always will and I don't think we, as a gaming community, have the power to stop people from doing that. Our regular players, yes, probably, but literally anyone who ever joins the servers? I don't think so. People have already started to describe generally annoying people as "faggots", way before this community was even established, I believe. However, the meaning of the term "nigger" has not changed. People still mostly use it to be intentionally racist. There is basically no context where it would make sense to call someone a "nigger" simply because they are annoying. People haven't started doing that and still aren't. Again, I'm not condoning the usage of either of these words, I'm just trying to explain why there is a difference in my opinion. Not to mention the argument @Elcark made last time, that we'd have to basically start banning everything from here: List of disability-related terms with negative connotations - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG If people intentionally use the word "faggot" to discriminate against gay people, then that should be a no go, but using it in a relatively "harmless" context which doesn't relate to discriminating against gay people is something different. Also, you should watch the episode of south park I was talking about if you have time, it's called "The F-Word".
  15. imagine people in like a 100 years browsing websites like reddit or twitter and its all gonna be full of dead peoples posts that shit is scary

    1. Kypari


      Ikr? When I'm watching something that was recorded in like the 1920s I don't think "wow this is entertaining" I just think "wow these people are dead" instead and I get the heebie-jeebies

    2. nuen


      How everyone starts the constitution:

      We the people...

      How you guys start it:

      lmao we're dead now

  16. for all the fortnite players: enjoy the new item! :DD Frick u jon wick !! No biuldung here ??

    1. Kypari


      New item is a fucking disaster and is another "fuck you" from epic games

    2. realBelloWaldi


      @kypari i think the worst thing is them adding it right before another $100k pro tournament. literally the fucking day of the tournament. what is even going through their minds

    3. hongkongatron
  17. You don't have to agree with Egossi but the mob can't make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don't agree with everything anyone does. That's what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.

    1. Tatost


      Thank you @realBelloWaldi, very cool!