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Status Updates posted by TAoWHunter

  1. Ever thought of being part of the Teen Titans??

  2. I heard that if you smack  Dwayne Johnson’s ass you’ll hit rock bottom 

    1. Dannypicacho


      I like just saw this on Reddit in the "comedy cemetery" subreddit 

    2. Caleb956


      Ahh it all makes sense now @Dannypicacho

    3. Tatost


      I am sorry to inform anyone that has read this post that they are now one degree more retarded than they were before coming along.

  3. I actually asked this 2 years ago, but since we never put the credit system into xG can you change my name to TAoW Hunter?

    1. Caleb956


      (Sorry for replying to messages you're sending virr BUT) We do actually have a hub shop! https://xenogamers.com/hub/

      Right at the top it shows a change username you can purchase, I sent you the credits to cover the cost of the name change, enjoy!

    2. TAoWHunter


      ohh thanks, I saw an old link, that's why I thought it wasn't implemented

  4. Do mods get SB accounts?

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    2. TAoWHunter
    3. virr


      Theres no reason to log into SB unless you're a dm+, just like caleb said 🙂

    4. TAoWHunter


      Alright I just like it because it easier because you can edit ban unban comm ban etc etc 


    1. ABlueSkittle123


      This is true, now go be an epic moderator. 😄

  6. I'm actually ALERGIC TO SAND!



    1. Caleb956


      It's ok, sand forgives you.

    2. TAoWHunter


      Thank you leader 

  7. Losing It.

    1. Roy


      Sorry, I lost it, what are you losing it again?

    2. TAoWHunter
  8. On the poll, I was going to put a little story, but stopped at the start and forgot to delete it.

  9. Thank you for replying to my Staff Application ❤️

  10. Sorry bout that 😞

    1. virr


      all good friend, no harm done in the end

  11. Still haven't gotten the Don't Starve Together game...

    1. Precious


      i used to play that game all the time yo

    2. Forest


      @Xander I've been busy. I just sent it now though, congrats again on the lucky draw 🙂

  12. Alright dude, it’s up and I’m embarrassed 

    1. Forest


      Now that truly is owning it, I applaud you for your devotion to getting unbanned, I really do, 100% genuine.

  13. Yes, I will be doing an unban challenge sorry for not putting it in the Ban Appeal.

  14. Thank you so much YeEternalTuna

    1. YeEternalTuna


      your welcome fellow gamer 😎

  15. Virr may I be unbanned from xG discord. The incident that happened will never happen again.

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    2. TAoWHunter


      Supreme that's not a choice. Also no I'm not going to listen to you I'm going to listen to elcark he told me to dm virr...

    3. virr


      Listen to supreme

    4. TAoWHunter


      Ok then, Supreme I love you

  16. Hey Elarck so Nutto and me where talking and he said I can be a memeber as long as I don’t start any conflict or commotion. Hope you understand and will accept me even tho you declined me and I can’t see Thebes reason
    1. Elcark


      Your multiclanning is indeed not the reason you were denied. Part of the membership process is if your application is denied, you must wait a period of 30 days before you can attempt to make a new application. As you previous made an application on the 22nd of October, you must wait until the 21st of November to make a new one
  17. S...I......I have to leave my other community! What sick joke is this! Omg all I want to do is help everyone also is it say anything about staff and another community so you should put that in anyway good day won’t be seeing me again cause well I’m gonna be on another “commmunity”
    1. virr


      it is stated very clearly here https://xenogamers.com/threads/57/, which is linked in the member application form. Sorry, that you feel that way, but a lot of communities do the same and we're not unique in that manner.
  18. Hello my member post was recently declined may I please know why? And if there’s a problem please tell me so I can fix it.
    1. virr


      Because you are already staff in another community https://xenogamers.com/threads/43869/#post-312979