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    Remove Random Crits on Surf

    I have made this before I will do it again, random crits are not a requirement on surf. They just ruin the fun of the server and should be disabled, if we have random crits removed on every other server, why not this server? If we remove random crits on this server I believe that it will make everyone who regularly plays on this server much more happy, my main point being the negativity bias. If you get a random crit, wow I got lucky and killed three guys out of luck, cool. That is a positive experience however that experience disappears in mere moments, however the negative experience, aka the three people on the other side of the crit got the negative experience, and those experiences last significantly longer and they sure as hell won't be forgotten, thus in conclusion it would be better to completely remove random crits from surf.
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    Hi, mom

    Hi, mom
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    Remove Random Crits on Surf

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    Remove Random Crits on Surf

    -1 no thanx
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    TTT Map Request

    I don’t have links but closecourters and community pool are fun
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    you get a gold star ⭐

    TTT Map Request

    Whatever you do please don’t add the Minecraft one it’s actually the worst
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    Selfie Sunday

    @Kypari told me this morning that he wasn't going to do it until you did the Ice Bucket Challenge And I couldn't be bothered to take a selfie So have my L. Lawliet from Death Note cosplay from March (Yes, before you ask if you do, I am wearing eye liner. L. Lawliet has serious black lines beneath his eyes due to sleep deprivation as a key factor of him, so I had to do it, of course.)
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    GMOD Suggestion Thread!

    A ttt server with something new/unique would be great. Moat.gg has a inventory system and cosmetic system. Something like that would be cool but it would require a lot of work and time.
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    Last comment wins

    Oh no shwash brought it back again
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    Last comment wins

    Ban @Dannypicacho
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