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  1. why couldn't the bike stand up on its own A: it was two tired what can run but not run A:water lol
  2. Janko

    Tf2 Config

    would a launch option help as well and do you already have the one that disables gibs and all that jazz
  3. I think it would be a cool idea in my opinion i see some of the problems just my two cents i think it would be a cool idea
  4. nice guy active on surf a lot would make a great addition to the community A:9 M:8 +1
  5. i personally like five finger death punch and avenged seven fold but i think they banned some of five finger death punch in america :(
  6. janko#11610 i randomly play hearthstone plop
  7. if you're in a car going backwards aren't you just going forwards in a backwards motion?
  8. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: [Xg] i love crippling depression Identity: Steam Community :: [xG]I love crippling depression Position: Moderator Time Active: over 1 year Age: 16 Experience: no experience managing a server before Donated: No Information: Hello its depression i would like to finally apply for a moderator position in the xeno gamers community after being a member over 6 months i would like to become moderator to help out managing the servers while meeting other community members and growing more in the community that i've come to love over the years thank you for looking at my moderator application and i hope you consider vouching for me it would be greatly appreciated and also send me a message saying hi i would love to meet more members of the community and make more friends thanks and have a good day :)
  9. thumbs up for me really chill and is active and doesn't cause trouble M:10 A:9 +1
  10. I know there is already a thread that is asking of this but what about if we added a higher speed cap to the surf server just wanted some more feedback thanks :)
  11. yeah i wasn't too sure because i've been on pokemon and the other trade server but didn't know if they had it but in that case wouldn't be the same reason for why people can't complain about being killed just because they got killed by a crit they would complain but not getting killed regularly lol thats my intake
  12. personally i dont see a problem with random crits and if people have a problem with dying isn't there the friendly plug in or is that just the surf server
  13. Janko

    Badges Megathread!

    are you looking for some that people can purchase with credits as well or more towards like a trophy system?
  14. that sounds like a good idea some higher ups could think of doing and so that if some people have a valid reason for putting it on the whitelist its for a purpose
  15. got any good songs?
    1. bagggel


      The Michael Rosen Rap