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  1. Ayy lmao here's me on flight school. :^]
  2. Freaking Lisp languages like clojure. Dynamic programming is fantastic and quick with their optimations, but to wrap my head around why it works is just so mind fudgey. Though I recommend learning it.
  3. Wake up dood
  4. It'll be helpful to specify how you'll settle the score. As well, I'm personally confused if this is a "game" (with a goal to win using files), or a personal FTP Client. What's the objective you wish to accomplish? Simply uploading a new file (compare dates/checksums), or something unique?
  5. You have received your credits manually. Please be informed, the bot is NOT a crate dump. Dumping crates into it will cause it to bug out, it should not accept the trade offer, though steam has some bugs where it will time out, hence accept it. /closed
  6. Goona need the respective divisions to confirm that. (More for the reason)
  7. Greetings all to the one hundredth and fifty sixth edition of the Promotions and Demotions. Congratulations to these people! CS:GO @ThePenguin from Moderator to Administrator. @xGShadowSpy from Administrator to Moderator. (Inactivity) @PiNoYPsYcHo from Moderator to Member (Stepped Down) Team Fortress 2 @BlankuChan from Moderator to Administrator @Vacindak from Member to Probationary Moderator @Flareon from Member to Probationary Moderator @Diamonde from Moderator to Member (Inactivity) @Moosty from Moderator to Member (Stepped down) @TacoSmasher47 from Administrator to Moderator (Inactivity) @Tomahawk from Moderator to Member (Stepped Down) Congratulations to all that were promoted! Don't worry about posting your steam IDs, everything is already done! Woo my first promo/demo don't kill me yet please. *Edited by Aegean to make it visible on both versions and to not blind every member
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRYJs_cA1-0 needs this : 3
  10. Up to DM/DL discretion. I've been told to completely block out weapons. The way the weapons are blocked out can be easily fixed with just replacing the weapon with a nerfed version (literally just change 1 number, then add a few numbers).
  11. Pls tag me next time. As they just send me the message to fix it. Haha.