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    @Roy Please try not to gravedig posts, (posting on dead or irrelevant posts)
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    Explaining myself

    inb4 goodbye thread (leaving permanently for life forever for good indefinitely until the end of time unchangingly everlastingly enduringly eternally evermore in perpetuity this time (never coming back (literally (actually (100% safe crack working 2013)))))
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    PC or Laptop

    Unless you have a real need to be constantly moving your setup around, a desktop is the more viable and cost-effective option for gaming. Besides the fact they are much easier to build and upgrade, there are an insane amount of builds you can find on sites like pcpartpicker, with a variety of price points and build qualities. Take it from someone who's first gaming pc was a garbo laptop that had trouble running css and gmod, moving to desktop was amazing. If you are constantly on the move, than a laptop may be more your speed and would make more sense, but I have no idea if that is the case for you.
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    xG Meetup Chicago???

    *rolls up* *shits on floor* *opens door* *kills wife* *puts shit on ground* *close window* "See ya suckers" *drives away in my mustang gt running over 17 civilians in the process*
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    Trouble Linking Steam Acc.

    you can find your account settings under your little avatar icon on the left. Hopefully this helps!
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    Explaining myself

    In this post im going to be explaining why I used to be such a scumbag on this community, though none of what I say excuses what I did, I think what happened was all on me. Ok, first time. The first time i left was out of rage because I spammed the forums, and was facing deserved backlash that I thought I didn't deserve. Second time. I honestly don't even remember. Third time. I left because me and my friends at the time (I still don't really know my relationship with them at this point) had a fallout because I was being a cancerous piece of shitand I became extremely angry and left for no reason. Thats about all the ones i even remember, remember i'm truly sorry for the asshole iv'e been to all of you. I really want to be a better person, online and in real life. Iv'e been trying (and hopefully succeeding) at being a better person on here. Thats about all I have to say, Goodbye.
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    xG Meetup Chicago???

    easy +1 we all know that Michigan is the best state @Goblins @Monika
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    Explaining myself

    I almost LOL'd while reading this! Have a good day nice commenter.
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    He didn't outburst... it is a known fact of what he is saying. rules dont apply to hong or tatost and this community has gone to absolute shit after they became staff so dont act like it is out of nowhere. and if we say anything to yall all you say is "we are handling it dont make it public". Love you Soulify I hope to still play with you
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    Old Names

    What are some old names you used to use (and possibly regret), if you have any? I had forgotten about my old names until I played Unturned a bit ago and the name of my character was the first name I'm gonna mention, flyingflame7. I think it was just one of those auto generated Xbox Live names, but I could be wrong. The second one I just remembered when I was reminded of "flyingflame7" when I played Unturned, which is WarriorKing06. I don't know why I decided this was a good name, but I did for some reason. The only name I truly regret is one I only used once during a period where I didn't have a set name and never used again, which is "smol birb | trade.tf". I'm sure you can see why I regret that name. Anyway, what are some of your old names?
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    Selfie Sunday

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    xG Meetup Chicago???

    what is this thread
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    you get a gold star ⭐

    Hey guys

    Tf2 div is deader than ever so I hope you’re csgo div
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    Oh shit, he left since March 14 and it’s May 1, oh bloody hell. :’( Well, even though he may not read my post but I will miss you and I will have to go back to work to afford a real microphone. What a shame. Love you James and take care. Now it’s time to go to work......
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    Explaining myself

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    Remove Random Crits on Surf

    -1 no thanx
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    Remove Random Crits on Surf

    I have made this before I will do it again, random crits are not a requirement on surf. They just ruin the fun of the server and should be disabled, if we have random crits removed on every other server, why not this server? If we remove random crits on this server I believe that it will make everyone who regularly plays on this server much more happy, my main point being the negativity bias. If you get a random crit, wow I got lucky and killed three guys out of luck, cool. That is a positive experience however that experience disappears in mere moments, however the negative experience, aka the three people on the other side of the crit got the negative experience, and those experiences last significantly longer and they sure as hell won't be forgotten, thus in conclusion it would be better to completely remove random crits from surf.
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    enable more guns on scrim server

    It’s not fun to die from an auto. -1 Zeuses are useless but can be fun. +1 Negevs are really bad but people would still use them. -1
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