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  1. Johny3Tears

    Sucy the Mushroom

    I feel Sucy has been extremely toxic since I became active again in the community and first started encountering him, even to the point of opting to leave the server multiple times due to his antics (muting was not an option for he would continue to talk over others and make it impossible to converse on the server and enjoy the game effectively). He has attacked the personal opinions of many players on the server verbally and when confronted about it attempts to guilt staff by saying things such as "Well i think everyone would be better off if I just killed myself" or things similar. I personally feel like at first a perm mic ban would have been a good solution but based on all accounts as far as I can distinguish he intends to continue low key harassing people and attacking their personal thoughts in chat in inappropriate ways which I believe he does completely consciously. I feel personally that interns of a ban, it is a reasonable solution however I think that it is important for me to state I have had personal conflicts in game with sucy (in game) in the past so unless for some reason, it comes down to a tie breaker, I ask that my vote to ban sucy not be counted, I just wanted to voice my opinions and thoughts on the matter.
  2. Johny3Tears

    Promotions and Demotions #196

    It's okay septik we'll get them next time
  3. Johny3Tears


    edit: after playing with him and a refresher, m:8 +1
  4. Johny3Tears


    Very friendly and fun to play with. I can't remember if I've had to give you warnings about mic spam before so I'm not going to rate maturity but I'll say A:8.5 and stay neutral on the rest. Good luck fish!
  5. Johny3Tears

    Promotions and Demotions #196

    dolphin was accepted late last promo demo so I don't think he got announced but yeah he was already a member for the past few weeks, and Skelly is here until sometime in June iirc
  6. Johny3Tears

    Promotions and Demotions #196

    congrats guys!
  7. Johny3Tears


    +1 A:10 M:8 Always follows rules and if fun to be around on surf. Knows when to listen and when to help others on the server. I feel like he'd make a great member! p.s. Im glad you got your account back in xD -seg
  8. Johny3Tears

    Is Virr real?

    shit. ohio. just misssed it
  9. Johny3Tears

    Remove Delfino Airstrip

    -1 b/c childhood and while the map isnt fun, its cool to see how people refuse to play sniper and adapt
  10. Johny3Tears


    You can feel free to join the steam group! This application is for clan membership, idk if that's what you mean?
  11. Johny3Tears


    There are multiple other things I can point out if you would like that . I just didn't want to display anything that could make you feel exposed personally I can private message them to you and the higher-ups if you would like proof
  12. Johny3Tears


    +1 when doing remote IT work for her (fixing her mic) her claims about her personal life were very contradictory and she had software such as voice changers installed. These combined with her past history seem of pathological lying to other members to be more than enough red flags to support her departure from xG in my opinion
  13. Johny3Tears


    I witnessed lol
  14. Johny3Tears


    It needed to happen