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  1. Johny3Tears

    Are MvM hats good or trash

    They're typically places in the lowest tier of the unusual bracket like Septik said but for the most part IMO they all just look like garbage even with a good thematic loadout ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Johny3Tears

    Which Coding Language Do You Like The Most?

    nice @tree_ and @Shadower! i need to get more into python. you can do some pretty cool poop with it!
  3. Johny3Tears


    I think what @Miyukimay be referencing is the...odd way of giving back handed feedback. Please correct me if I'm wrong tho red!
  4. Johny3Tears


    were you not member? +1 A:7 m:9
  5. Johny3Tears


    A:7 M:9 >be me >invite rainy to discord call because pubing while talking with my co workers >rainy joins and talks with me and my co workers >rainy spends multiple hours talking with co workers after I sleep >tfw a random from half way around the world is now a part of your work discord server with roles and knows my co workers better than I do +1 you fudgeing legend
  6. Johny3Tears


    +1 A:8 M:7 doesnt cause any issues and is active
  7. Johny3Tears


    Honesty, tree is my friend but i'm gonna keep this as unbiased as possible. He can be a little cold in chat but is also very friendly to everyone and also goes the extra step to tell someone the rules or explain a mechanic to them if they ask. He plays almost every day and I don't think I've ever heard any complaints about him. He knows the rules well and doesn't appear to get tilted when there's an issue. I've also noticed, he keeps up this attitude when outside of xG servers which points to just a helpful and kind personality. The main thing that does need improvement however I think is being less shy and coming out of his shell which he appears to be slowly doing anyways. +1 might have mic?
  8. Johny3Tears

    Which Coding Language Do You Like The Most?

    HS or college? @Aidan ah yes, the best of languages xD but tbh java and c# are the same thing if you know C# you know java and if you know java you can learn c# in about 20 min. but JFC where are you that their teaching Basic? the 60's? but frfr i cant stand java anymore. its just so painfully verbose and overly structured. My personal preference is c++ which after learning assembly became... a lot easier lmao. I mostly use Ruby at work these days tho. its nice but a dumb language in terms of structure IMO
  9. Johny3Tears

    Which Coding Language Do You Like The Most?

    System.out.println("how about nah fam");
  10. Johny3Tears


    You both have a good point, due to lack of specific evidence, I'd like to change my vote to neutral Edit: but also, @tatost, your reputation in the community is quite notable so it was easier to see the effort and changes you put in to become part of the community again. That gave more grounds to vouch for you in my personal opinion where as OP is not as directly involved (yet?) with the community which I believe plays an important part in the consideration and sway of the votes
  11. Johny3Tears


    your total playtime between TGH, Pokemon, and Surf that I was able to find was aprox 10 days total. I didn't go into others b/c this in its self is more than enough to meed the minimum requirement. https://xenogamers.com/rank/playerinfo/428436 That being said, i'm going to go with a -1 because while i only vaguely recognize your name as sunny, i recognize some of your old aliases in which you refused to follow rules or listen to staff A:8 (according to gamme)? M:4
  12. Johny3Tears

    What type of headphones do you use?

    @Brady1780 wtf are you talking about? your mic is terrible
  13. Johny3Tears


    not my division so i don't feel like I should +1 but by the way he carries himself and handles situations on the forums seems very mature and well collected. plus better than brady, doesn't chew ice on mic
  14. Johny3Tears


    +1 skilled at the game, friendly, doesn't cause any issues at all. on every day that i've been for a while M:8 A:9
  15. Johny3Tears


    -1 for unban. You're known for jumping at the chance to cause issues and toxicity when ever possible