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Pop, r&b, and hip-hop

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Tell me you favorite songs from these categories. Becuase i really dont go out and listen to different songs unless my friends tell me to listen to it or whatever, trying to expand my music list, whatever its called.

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Kanye West.

Been a big fan of Kanye, he has a huge discog where you can find different vibes.

Songs that I would say are a good listen (naming one song of each album in order of releases). Jesus walks, Hey Mama, I Wonder, Street Lights, Runaway, Hold My Liquor, Saint Pablo and Violent Crimes.

Frank Ocean

One of my favorite R&B artists lot of good music but I would say give Blonde (2016) his lates studio album at least one listen.

The album is emotional filled with great vocals. Listen to it in the album order as it tells a story not music to listen at parties more just alone when you feel like it.

Vince Staples

Dropped an album recently FM! fairly short but it has some bangers, normie friendly, grimy beats and nice delivery.

If you are looking for more Big Fish Theory is also great.


Hip-Hop self proclaimed boyband, variety of artist with many different art-styles talking about some social issues.

Pretty good stuff either you love them or don't so hop on the popular tracks for some insight.


Some mentions: Chance The Rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, Childish Gambino and Kevin Abstract (member of Brockhampton)

Don't be afraid to ask more about maybe more specific artist I'm here to help.

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