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That was completely unnecessary.

This post provided literally nothing. No ideas to help better the community, no specific people who you want to change, just you coming back to be randomly toxic about the entire community because of some small beef you had.

Try that again but with actual meaning this time if you want to actually change something.

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As an oldfag of xG, I can tell you that things right now are pretty solid community-wise. Our staff roster is full of mostly competent people, and besides a few exceptions most of our members are pretty cool and at least try to be friendly. I can't speak for any randos you encounter on the servers, but then again you did not really give us much to work with. Judging from your post history, you have a tendency to post non-substantive or controversial stuff. So maybe this is just a troll thread, or at the very least, you did not really think before you posted.


As a side note, I think there might actually be less drama than there was back in 2011/2012.


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