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Everything posted by Scootaloo

  1. Damn Hachi got married?!

    Congrats! ❤️


    (I really hope you're still married and this isn't a terrible post because of a nasty divorce or something)

  2. I found myself reminiscing over TF2 shit and realized I miss you prominently.

    I hope life has been kind to you, friend. ❤️

  3. Where tf is Moosty.

  4. Found myself thinking about you spergs and decided to visit. Good to be back. =3

  5. Coming out of retirement to win this contest.
  6. Honestly tho, how tf is this site still alive? lmao

    1. Semper


      functioning on the tears of OG's and nostalgia

  7. Oh man, I too have been nostalgia tripping recently. Look at all the noobs I love in this post!
  8. Fully on board with OSRS xG Division. Hell, I'll even make it a point to come back and be online more often if this is truly a thing. Do we need moderation assistance? I'm all over that. Active every day, hitting goals and making strides. Almost at the point where I'm ready to raid in OSRS if anyone else is there. IGN: Mimikyutie
  9. Scootaloo

    Osrs mobile

    Mimikyutie Add me. And gimme your IGN
  10. Well if dany is bade at gaem, I guess I fuckin hate him! Man, I've missed the autismos that only xG can provide.
  11. Heyo! I'll be pretty straightforward...I've been playing the hell out of Oldschool Runescape hard, ever since mobile release happened a few months back. I won't lie, I love this game. I've been an on and off player of RS since about 2002. My interest was rekindled hard after OSRS initially released, but it really became a daily occurrence for me to play when mobile hit. And now? I want a community to share this game with. I became pretty active in a clan not too long ago, but it isn't quite cutting it for me. I want something more. So where better to search for a loving gaming community than the one I have already helped out so much? How many of your spergs play this game? I'd love to share my passion for OSRS with some of you guys, if you'll have me! I'm on each and every day, living up the grind. If you'd like to play with me, drop in your IGN! Mine's Mimikyutie! Just let me know so I can add you in-game!
  12. Dear God...this post has triggered my PTSD of manning Sand on our Jailbreak servers. T.T
  13. Realtalk: If xG had an OSRS division, I'd probs come back full time. ❤️

  14. Lol this is fun. Another scoot? Lmao. I'm not surprised, just confused. Why do we fucking hate @Dannypicacho? XD
  15. Where's the xG OSRS Division?

  16. Sup guys, it's been a while.
  17. Scootaloo

    xG Gamer Revival

    D'awww I feel loved.
  18. @Tekage as DM? This'll be interesting... =3
  19. So, can Moosty have Admin now? Or is it way too late for that to be a relevant meme anymore? #50ShadesOfOof
  20. Scootaloo

    Memory Lane

    #GirlWeiners2014 I remember a lot of crazy shit, man. From Friday Night Fanfics to spamming Teamspeak with annoying ass shit, to just being dumb in TGH. Good times.
  21. I see how it is. I leave and you guys let the Brits take over. Wow. GG xG. (JK. Welcome back Bonfire =3)
  22. I took your advice virr and emailed NFOServers. After reading through my Reddit post, the CEO himself personally took down the site and suspended the account. Call it a win, I suppose. Now nobody else will fall victim to this scam.