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    Server Admin Role
  • Identity
    everyone with the server admin role
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    too long
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    As you may know, people with the "server admin" role used to have discord permissions until @Genocide got them taken away from us. I represent all the xG discord server admin role gamers whose powers were unfairly removed because of one man's doing. I propose that we ban genocide, and give us server admins our moving privileges back. It is unfair that despite making up only 13% of the server admins, he is responsible for 52% of our suffering. 

    We humbly request to regain the ability to move people in discord voice calls. Also, ban genocide. 🖕🏿


    Every server admin. 

  • I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for.

+1 fuck @Genocide - he doesn't even have a minecraft account

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This is literally a meme, and you are not actually applying for discord mod in this thread, if you want to actually apply for it make a new one that isn't a meme post.



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